Sunday, July 8, 2012

A week in Kumamoto.

It was great to spend a week at home.  Kumamoto has become the place we like to be. The people and missionaries are very good to us.  The bed is uncomfortable, but it makes thinking of the bed waiting for us in Annabella even better.
Monday we hosted another Family Home Evening.  We played "Spoons," had a spiritual thought, and had treats.
The game of "Spoons."  We were eliminated early!
Our FHE crowd.     

We had the best day of inspecting apartments on Tuesday!  All three were very clean and so were the missionaries.
Celestial, Hoffman and Watanabe Choro, Kumamoto Zone Leaders, won a trip to the bakery next to our apartment with their clean apartment.

Furasawa and Muller Shimai, Nagamini, liked the bakery too.      

Barros, Hansen, Lawson, and Kano Choro, Shimizu/Tsuboi, got triple scoops for the price of a double scoop at Baskin Robbins 31 flavors.
 Wednesday we transported missionaries in preparation for meeting our new Mission President on Thursday. We finished the final preparations for the 4th of July Eikaiwa class.  We did an American History word search and vocabulary.  We also played a "name the states" game.  The Japanese people really know our states.  We sang the National Anthem and Yankee Doodle and then  treated everyone to Twinkies and Strawberry Twizzlers.  Having access to a military base is very handy. Some of the students said the Twizzlers tasted like plastic.   After the prayer Watanabe and Tipton Choro played their guitars and everyone sang along.  We did not have fireworks!   Fun 4th of July!! 
Furusawa and Mueller Shimai giving the spiritual message.

The States game winners.
 Thursday the Kumamoto Zone met, were instructed and interviewed by President and Sister Gustafson.  The Gustafson's are full of energy and ready for the challenge of leading the Japan Fukuoka Mission.  Since we have been on our mission, we have been amazed at how we have been blessed with the ability to instantly love so many people.  This was one of those instant love days for all of us!

Bess made Swasey Choro a chocolate oatmeal birthday cake.  He got the cake and a song at lunch.

Twins? Lawson and Everett Choro at lunch.

We ended the week buying Elders apartment supplies, visiting members and others, attending Saturday's Eikaiwa, attending church, and having 6 guests for a Sunday dinner of roast beef, potatoes and gravy, green salad with ranch dressing, corn, (not cob), creamy orange jello, fresh banana bread and watermelon slices.  Not a serving left!  Sure hope this blessing of cooking good food comes home with us. 

 We even had dry weather Saturday afternoon and Sunday!

We love the many colors of cars here in Japan.  Here are a few that caught our eye this week.

We love it here in Japan.  Slow down time!  We love bearing our testimonies of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We love him and want to serve him to the best of our ability.  We love all of you and pray that you will embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ fully in your lives.

We love you,
Grandma and Grandpa,
Mom and Dad,
Bess and Tom

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