Monday, July 23, 2012

July 16 - 22, 2012, Last Transfer

Last week we had our last transfer for this mission. No more transfer day "blues."
Tom hates changes, but is getting so much better about it.  

Monday we took Sister Mueller to find the last of the presents she wanted to take home.  Yea, another shopping trip!  Tom is getting rather good at finding a place to sit and rest while we shimai shop.  We all found some things we liked.  

We enjoyed another Family Home Evening.  Bess made Carrot Cake and we served it with ice cream.  We played "Bunny Bunny" and "Name that Vegetable" again.  Those games are fun. Our district leader, Wada Choro and his companion, Swasey Choro, from Omuta, joined in our FHE.
Playing Bunny Bunny      
Family Home Evening crew.
Tuesday was the last District Meeting of the transfer and we lunched at the Kotsu Center. 
After lunch we jointed with the Choro to teach a wonderful single lady that has the most marked Book of Mormon, yet she tells us that she really doesn't have any interest in the gospel.
Lunch Group:  Front; Wada, Kano, Barros, Hansen, Lawson, & Watanabe Choro.

Back; Takeda, Swasey & Cox Choro, Mueller & Furusawa Shimai, Hoffman Choro, Tom & Bess

Tuesday an 85 year old man who was introduced to the Gospel 40 years ago was baptized.  It was a wonderful day.
Tuesday's baptism. Mueller & Furusawa Shimai, Hoffman Choro, Tomomatsu Shimai, her father, Kouri Kyudai, H. Watanabe Choro, Bess & Tom.
Wednesday we fixed breakfast of bacon, sausage, and pancakes for the missionaries while we were waiting for the transfer calls.  Change came again!  The next change is when we go home in three weeks.  Not sure if we are ready for that much change all at once!
                                                            Another heart attack!

Elder Tashiro came for an English lesson.  The Choro jointed with us to teach Matsuda Shimai just before Eikaiwa.  We played Jeopardy at Eikaiwa.  Each team had to spell a word to get a chance at picking a category.  The young women did very well on the "Sister Mueller" category.  They love her so much!
Playing Jeopardy at Eikaiwa    
The Wednesday night Eikaiwa students and friends.
Thursday we started transporting at 8 am.  We took missionaries to and from the bus stop and made German pancakes for the missionaries that were waiting for their new companions.
Bess, H. Watanabe Choro and Tom at the bus stop.
Hashimoto Shimai and her daughter say goodby to Mueller Shimai.
If you do not have an umbrella, sometimes one has to use something else.  Kametani Shimai and Mueller Shimai.    

German Pancakes for the missionaries that were left behind.  

New companionship, A. Watanabe and Furusawa Shimai.
New Kumamoto companionship, Hoffman and Stirland Choro.
Into Hombu for dinner, a Temple session and testimony meeting with the returning missionaries.    We got home about 12:30 am.  Long day!
Missionaries returning home with honor, Montes de Oca Choro, Tustamori, Mueller, and Tingey 

After the temple, pictures. Beus, Oba, and Yamanashi Choro, Beus Shimai, Montes de Oca and Ahn Choro, President and Sister Gustafson, Tsutamori, Mueller, and Tingey Shimai. Clements Choro and Bess and Tom.
Friday, we received a pleasant surprise.  We received a Christmas card from the Briggs Family and also a graduation announcement from our granddaughter, Elysse.  That is a 2011 announcement!  Sometimes the mail comes through.  Tom also got his birthday card from his mother and his birthday is not for another two weeks.  That was fast!  We scheduled apartment visits to Kagoshima for the week before we go home.  Those will be our absolute last.

Saturday, we planned the next transfer's Eikaiwa lessons and also attended Eikaiwa.  It is so fun to learn from the people as we teach them.

Sunday was church and dinner at our home with Watanabe and Furusawa Shimai and Wang, a very wonderful Chinese lady.

At district meeting on Tuesday Sister Mueller shared a thought.  She told us to "not to give up on the Lord." Sometimes when things get hard we tend to give up.  We need to remember that we always have a friend in Christ.  We need to always try to do what he wants us to do and to not give up on him, because he never gives up on us!

Grandma and Grandpa,
Mom and Dad.
Bess and Tom

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