Sunday, July 29, 2012

The tears are starting to fall. July 23 - 29, 2012

Three weeks left and so much to do!  Monday Kikue Shimai helped Bess make cookies for Family Home Evening, while Tom took the Choro grocery shopping.  They made Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies.  They were so moist and good.  We also got to help Furusawa and Watanabe Shimai practice their English!  They are getting really good at speaking English.
One cookie maker and two cooky eaters.  Watanabe, Kikue, and Furusawa Shimai.
We had a new investigator at Family Home Evening.!
We played Signs and laughed at FHE
Tuesday the Shimai came for another hour of English study.  Watanabe Shimai had not eaten German Pancakes, (Monsters), so Tom fixed them for her.  Both Shimai enjoyed them!  We enjoyed the English lesson.
                                                        Well they said they liked them

Tuesday night we had a great time visiting with Maesawa Kyodai.  He has only been here a couple of times this month.
Friday morning we were up at 6 a.m.  At eight a.m. we started toward Nobeoka and Oita to check apartments. On this last round of apartment checks the apartments have been very clean.  These were no exception!

Nobeoka companionship, Bushman and Eckman Choro.
Oita companionship's, Everett and Gandy Choro and Peterson and Tipton Choro.
After finishing in Oita we drove into Fukuoka and tried for over an hour to find our new hotel.  It was an older Toyoko Inn and had a different look.  After much prayer and having the desk lady at a another Toyoko Inn put the address into our Navi we were still lost, so we stopped at a stop light and Tom asked the taxi driver behind us where it was.  It was two buildings to the right.  At about 9 pm we were finally in our room.  We are too old for 15 hour plus days! 

Sunset on the way to Fukuoka.

Triple layer traffic in Fukuoka.

Tom, trying to get our car 0ut of the parking lot Saturday morning.
The Maui Family

Saturday was one of the highlights of our mission.  We went to the Fukuoka Temple with the Maui family. They were sealed together for time and all eternity.  They were baptized here in Kumamoto 13 months ago.  They have also been instrumental in helping a family of five in Australia accept the Gospel and be baptized at Christmas time!  The Maui's are a great family!

The Sopu,family, Maui family and cousin Thor.  All from the islands.
Sunday, the Kumamoto Ward had a goodbye party for us after church.  There was a lot to eat, many friends, a movie of us, and speeches.  What a great time!
Furusho Kyodai made a movie from our pictures and read a letter he had written for us.

Tom, Tashiro Shimai, and Bess
Kumamoto Ward

Koide Shimai made Bess a Yukata. (Summer kimono) They spent a couple of hours on Sunday evening dressing up and taking pictures.  Also asking a lot of questions about our lives.
                                                                           Koide Shimai, Bess, and Koide Shimai

This has been a great week.  It is getting harder to leave as the time draws nearer, and harder to stay as, the excitement of seeing family and friends again increases.

Two weeks left before we leave Kumamoto........

As we watched the movie of our mission today at the party and remembered the joy, hardships, wonderful people, and the lives that have been changed, we felt even more grateful that we have had the privilege to serve a mission here in Japan for our Savior, Jesus Christ.  We love Him, and we love all of you.

Grandma and Grandpa,
Mom and Dad,
Bess and Tom

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