Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rain of the Century, July 9 - 15, 2012

This week we had the highest rainfall ever recorded in Kumamoto.  We received 20 inches on Thursday and an additional 8 inches on Friday.  Don't know how much on Saturday.  Yes, all the missionaries are safe, but there are at least 20 people confirmed dead and about 20 people missing. here in Kumamoto. President Fujita reported today that all active members of the Church are accounted for.

We postponed our apartment checks to Nobeoka and Oita on Friday as our garmin "Millie" sometimes takes us on questionable roads and we had to go over the Aso mountain range where the heaviest rains and mudslides were.  We will go check those apartments in two weeks when the rainy season is over.

Monday we took both the Choro and Shimai shopping.  The Choro for food and the Shimai for Muller Shimai to find a kokeshi doll to take home next week. No kokeshi doll, but Tom suffered through a clothing store.  Good stuff!   It was a good day and we had a lot of fun at Family Home Evening that night.  We played "Spoons" again and ate chocolate cake, banana bread, and watermelon.

Kikue and Furasawa Shimai eating goodies.

Since Japanese people have to walk a lot after shopping, they make handles to carry every thing that can not fit in a sack!  This limits the "watermelon busts."
Fun toe socks Bess found.  Tom bought some toe socks that were black, blue and boring.

Tuesday we enjoyed district meeting and celebrated Takada Choro's birthday with a chocolate zucchini cake. Only cost $5 to buy the 2 cups of zucchini required.
Happy birthday Choro!        


Watanabe and Takada Choro after cleaning check in Yatsushiro.
Zone Leaders split out after district meeting, so Watanabe Choro got to help get Yatsushiro apartment in shape!
Like the Frog?
Shirakawa river running high and muddy Friday, the day after the 20 inches of rain, floods and mudslides.
Saturday, picking the Choro up at the bus stop.
Roads in Kumamoto on Saturday.  Yep, still raining.
Mueller, Hashimoto and Furasawa Shimai and Tashiro Choro.
Hashimoto Shimai was baptized by Tashiro Choro Saturday night.  She was first introduced to the Gospel 17 years ago.

Yea!  Bess was so relieved to be finished teaching the last Relief Society lesson that after church she was surprised to be asked to teach the Young Women on Fast Sunday.  One good thing, she only has to prepare 15 minutes of lesson as the translation takes the other 15 minutes. 

Oh, thank heaven for good music to touch the hearts of those listening.  Bess shared the children's song "The Things I Do" with the Relief Society Shimai today.  It is not in the Japanese Children's Songbook.  The message was perfect for the lesson "Doing Our Part to Share the Gospel."  4th verse;  "In everything I do they'll see I am what I profess to be.  Then when the elders find their door, they'll say, "Come in and tell us more!" 

As Church members so many people are watching us and our actions...if we truly value the Gospel we will do our best to live by all of it's teachings. If we do this we will be doing missionary work.  Please prepare to serve missions,  the world needs missionaries!  We each need the blessings, and we can tell you they are many!

Grandpa and Grandma
Dad and Mom
Tom and Bess 

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