Monday, April 30, 2012

End of Transfer 10 Begining of Transfer 11, 23 - 29 Apr. 12

This was an up and down emotional week.  It was another transfer week!
We took the Tsuboi/Shimizu missionaries to Mt. Aso and Tsuetate Hot Springs.  We had a enjoyable day!  When we got to Mt. Aso, we waited a half hour for conditions to change so we could look into the volcano.  The wind was blowing the wrong way.  We couldn't see the bottom of the volcano this time because of the smoke and steam, but we could to smell the sulfur gases.

Kanaida, Bagley, Lawson and Christensen Fufu.
Bagley Choro fishing for Kanaida Choro's glasses in the river.
Bagley, Lawson, and Kanaida Choro after getting the glasses out of the river.
Bagley Choro, Bess, Lawson and Kanaida Choro on the bridge over the river.  The fish kites are between 8 and 20 feet long.

View of kites and Lawson Choro from the upper bridge.
Monday night we had family home evening with a couple of Eikaiwa students, our Shimai, our Ward mission leader, young Maesawa Kyodai and a ward missionary, young Koide Shimai..  We played a fun game that we call the Wink of Death, shared testimonies and ate banana bread and ice cream.  Good day!!
Tuesday we had our last district meeting before transfers.  The District gave Watanabe Choro a gift since he was going home.  He turned right around and taught us a lesson on how to be better missionaries.
front: Tokuzawa, Uchida Shimai, Bess and Tom.  back: Tanaka, Watanabe, Lawson, Yamada, Bagley, Beckstrand, Ikeda, Shimada, and Kanaida Choro after the lunch buffet.
Tuesday night we received a call inviting us to a squirt gun fight at 7 am Wednesday morning.  We said yes and had a great battle.
After the battle we went to our apartment and cooked a breakfast of sausage, bacon, and pancakes.  The missionaries received their transfer calls, Tom and Bess again get to keep the same companion and stay in Kumamoto.
Elder Tashiro came about 10:30 a.m. for an English lesson.  What a spiritual high it is to work with him!
Wednesday night after Eikaiwa the missionaries had a cream pie in the face activity.  Not sure what the priesthood purpose was.  Maybe to make sure Watanabe Choro feels well loved as he leaves his mission.  It is also a bit of a tradition!
Saying goodbye to Watanabe Choro, who is going home and Uchida Shimai, who is going to open the Shimai apartment in Nagasaki.
Tokuzawa and Mueller Shimai.

Watanabe and Beckstrand Choro.
After we got the new missionaries settled, we traveled to Fukuoka to have dinner, go to the temple and testimony meeting with the returning missionaries.  We returned home about 12:15. We really enjoyed the day!!!
Clements and Ahn Choro (APs), Kobayashi Shimai, Pehrson, Farb, Watanabe, and Obayashi Choro (returning missionaries)
Returning missionaries after temple section
Saturday we went back to the temple to work the 2:20p.m. English section.  We just love the Expressway!
This is brother Inoue.  He comes to church each week and sits by us.  He was invited by the two couple missionaries before us to come and he has been very faithful.  It took us a while to get him to let us take his picture.
Sunday night, Brother Oaks came to dinner.  We ate, laughed, and talked for many hours.  It is so much fun to visit with him!                                                                                              
 We love the people here.  The missionaries are the best.  When Watanabe Choro was traveling to Fukuoka, he talked to some ladies, gave them a Book of Mormon, and then phoned their contact information to the Shimai here in Kumamoto. We need to be more like him and always look for opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We Love You!

Grandma and Grandpa,
Mom and Dad,
Bess and Tom

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