Saturday, April 14, 2012

April 8 - 15, 2012, Sick Week

A low key week. Bess ate some lunch Sunday that was supposed to be wheat free. After she ate three helpings, a lady said there is a "little mugi" in the food! She was sick all week. Monday we did go for a walk at the zoo. It was a beautiful day!

The last of the cherry blossoms. Darn!

Bess felt good enough Wednesday to ride to Yastushiro and check the apartment. It was a nice rainy day, and the ride was good therapy. The Choro were wonderful.

Celestial companions from Yatsushiro, Yamada and Ikeda Choro. We enjoy going to the bakeries, too.
Wednesday evening we had a good time at Eikaiwa.

Thursday was another study and get better day. Tom is clear into Kings in the Old Testament. Bess and Yoshimi went to Japanese dance lessons at a non-member's home. Tom tagged along to see what it was all about. It took over half the time to teach Bess how to dress in a kimono. It is quite a process with several layers and bows and fans. The lady was very nice and Tom enjoyed himself. (Bess was way out of her comfort zone)

The dancers three. I bet you can tell who the teacher is. She is definitely not the one that looks like a pink duck.

Friday, Bess was taught more on how to dress and practiced the dance at home.

Trying to get the hang of all the belts and bows.

The final product is pretty. (can't breathe)

Yoshimi is a good teacher. See, this is what it is supposed to look like.

Saturday morning Watanabe and Beckstrand Choro came for breakfast, Tom fixed them Monsters, or German Pancakes. Right after breakfast we taught a new member family about Eternal Families. We had Eikaiwa that afternoon, then Bess and Yoshimi went shopping for material for a summer kimono, (yukata) while Tom visited with Oaks Kyodai. Missionary Coordination Meeting, at 7 pm, was the end of our day.

Sunday we fasted for family and invited Brother Oaks for dinner. Bess tried new recipes and they all tasted great.

We transported Oba Choro to the bus station. He is going to Honbu to be the recorder and will do a great job there! We will miss him here.

Oba Choro leaving the apartment where he has lived since before Christmas.

Oba Choro and two of three members that came to say goodby.

This week we have learned how fragile our health can be. Taking one bad thing into the body can make one sick for a long time. This also goes for our spiritual health. One or two sins could damage our spiritual health for not only decades, but for generations. Little sins matter. We need to do all we can to repent continually and not let Satan get a hold on us. We need to always pray to have the strength to overcome sin. Yes, this does include even our favorite sins.

We love all of you!
Grandma and Grandpa,
Mom and Dad,
Bess and Tom

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