Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 16 - 22, 2012, White shirts are in suits are out, HA!

Elder Christensen is very happy...suits are for Sundays, Temple trips and Zone Conferences!! Short sleeve white shirts are the apparel for every day until Fall. The zone leaders gave him the the word on Monday. This welcome new came just in time, it warmed up this week.

After district meetings on Tuesday we had a
Shabu Shabu lunch with both districts. It was the first time this transfer that we have eaten together. We will eat together again Tuesday, since it is the day before transfer calls. After our lunch Watanabe and Beckstrand Choro took 30 minutes and taught us how to ride the Trolly (chinchindensha). It was so simple, we just got on and then paid 150 yen when we got off. We brought home the route maps to plan our next ride. We are hoping to ride the bullet train before we go home.

Tanaka, Watanabe, Lawson, Shimada, Yamada, and Beckstrand Choro, Uchida and Tokuzawa Shimai, Tom and Bess at lunch. Bagley, Ikeda and Kanaida Choro left for an appointment and were not in the picture.

Beckstrand and Watanabe Choro teaching us to ride the trolly.

The students. We were just glad to be there. Why did we not learn this a year ago?

Our Japanese instructor was an hour late Tuesday night. He thought we would be gone so he didn't hurry home from Fukuoka. When he passed our apartment and saw our lights he came up. He is trying to get the people in apartment #804 interested in the Gospel. He rode up on the elevator with them last week and got to know them. He took the Shimai to visit with them Thursday and again on Friday. Hope they can make friends with them.

Wednesday we had a good turn out at Eikaiwa. We had a new student come. Tobias and Oaks Kyodai were there to help. Our new Nagamine Mission Leader was also there. He is so good and enthusiastic with missionary work!

Thursday and Friday we made banana bread for Family Home Evening next Monday (froze it) and made cookies and tried to take them to less active members. Not much success. One had moved and we could not find a new address. One was not home and one would not come out and talk to us, so we left the cookies at the door.

Saturday we enjoyed another good Eikaiwa and learned from our students.

Sunday we had dinner at our house for a part member family. The bishop's family and the missionaries also came. We ate taco rice, cheese cake, and two gluten free cakes. We played a get to know you game and had a spiritual thought. The evening was very fun!

on floor: Uchida, Takuzawa, young Koide Shimai, and baby Zouza
next row: Koide Shimai, Tom and Bess, Brother and Sister Zouza
back row: Watanabe Choro, young Koide Kyodai, Beckstrand Choro, and Bishop Koide

Grandma Bess and baby.

The Zouza Family

Families are very important to the Lord. He sent us down here to be taught in a family. We are so happy to see and be with strong families. We need to do all we can to strengthen our families and to teach them Gods Plan of Redemption and Happiness. We've learned that it is never too late!! Don't ever give up. Keep trying!

Grandma and Grandpa,
Mom and Dad,
Bess and Tom

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  1. It's great to see you in your mission work! Thanks for posting, our prayers are with you. Elaine