Sunday, May 6, 2012

30 April - 6 May 2012 , Golden Week

This week is one of the busiest weeks in Japan.  A week of several holidays.  A good week to enjoy staying close to home.  That is what we did.  On Monday we got to know the new missionaries better. We really enjoy learning about other people's lives and the things they have done.
Tuesday we had our first district meeting of the transfer.  Each of the companionships have changed, so there were many new missionaries to visit with.  We are happy to have Wada Choro, who served in Oita and is now in Omuta, as our new District Leader.  He gave us a very good lesson on listening to the people we teach.
Wada, Shimada, and Ikeda Choro.
Lawson Choro, Tokuzawa and Mueller Shimai, and Beckstrand Choro.  Enjoying Shabushabu for lunch.
H. Watanabe, Kano, Barros, Cox (behind the steam), Kanaida, and Lawson Choro.  Good lunch together!

The new arrival and addition to the Sopu family

Mother and baby.
 Wednesday we were the taxi driver again.  We picked  up Elder Farb and his mother, who are traveling the Mission before going home, at the Kotsu Center (bus station) and took them to our Eikaiwa.  It was fun to get to know them and they added to the Eikaiwa.  Elder Farb gave the spiritual thought on how and why to pray.  After class we took them back to the Kotsu Center..
Farb Choro, Sister Farb, Bess, and Tom

Brother En came to Eikaiwa see the Farbs.
Thursday we planned our last round of apartment inspections.  Our mission has gone by way too fast!  We made our hotel reservations and planned with some Choro to spend the day with them touring Miyajima when we are in Hiroshima this time. 

Thursday night was dance class.  It is getting a little better.  Still a lot of work!!

The rest of the week we shopped for apartment supplies, took long walks to meet people, had Li come to visit, helped the Zone Leaders, taught Saturday Eikaiwa, and attended Church.  Basically we stayed off the roads!

We also delivered a small Banana Cake with cream cheese frosting to our favorite gas station attendants.  They were very happy!! 

Friday night the phone rang and our Watanabe Kyodai, who used to be Choro, was calling.  Wow, what a happy end to the day! 

Saturday we received a letter from our Temple Square missionary, Sister Itohara.  We were so happy to hear from her.  It will be so fun to go find her when we get back to Utah.

We all need to learn to listen better.  If we use Christ as our example we can do a better job of listening.  Christ listened and waited to make sure He understood what was being said.  He was in no hurry to answer, but gave them his undivided attention.  Then a lot of times he answered with a question.  He did this to get further information, help them to think, show his interest in them, or to teach them.  He was an example of caring and teaching.  We all need to learn from Him and pattern our lives after His.

Mom and Dad,
Grandma and Grandpa,
Bess and Tom

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