Sunday, May 15, 2011

Three months on a Mission!!!

Monday was a was another special Mothers Day for Christensen Shimai. She received cards from home and the Choro and Shimai give her a special surprise. We also attended Singles Outreach Night down at the Church.

Oh, the simple but fun games they play!

Tuesday we attended District Meeting and practiced a song for two hours that we sang in Stake Conference this Sunday.

Wednesday we traveled to Kurume and Fukuoka to inspect apartments and enjoyed going out to eat with Elder and Sister Rogers, the Office Couple. We stayed in the General Authorities room at the Mission Home Wednesday and Thursday night.

Sister Yoha, Taralee and Rob you know of her.

Thursday we inspected the Fujisaki and Maebaru apartments. We went to the Roger's apartment and enjoyed a salmon dinner. Their apartment looked very homey and comfortable. We need to improve our apartments appearance to keep up with the Rogers. We visited with President and Sister Margetts back at the Mission Home before bed. When we walked into our room after visiting, a 5 inch long centipede was going across the floor. The President rescued us from the villain. I guess they are very poisonous here.

Friday we traveled to and inspected the Saga apartment. We then traveled to Sasebo to buy groceries and an oven for the Rogers. It was great to be on the base again. Food was cheap and there were new ships at dock. We got home in time to catch the last of the soccer game at sports night and deliver the extra large bike helmet we had picked up at Honbu for Tobias Topu. He couldn't find anything big enough here in Kumamoto!!

Sports Night on a Dirt Soccer field.

Oh, that fresh sea air smell wonderful!!

Expressway on the way to Hario. The strangest things pop up sometimes.

Saturday we cleaned and worked on the Apartment and attended some of Conference. There are two General Authorities at the conference, Claudio R.M. Costa, from the presidency of the Seventy and Kaichi Aoyagi from the second quorum of the Seventy, who have been touring Japan this past 11 days.

Sunday we attended Stake Conference. It was privilege to sing both with the Missionaries and the Nagamini Ward Choir. It took some doing to be able to sing the right sounds, let alone the right notes. They kept saying to concentrate on singing the words right but right now we still don't recognize what are words.

Parking lot of the Church 3/4ths empty an hour after Conference was over. They have parking Ushers and really pack the lot tight.

Buckingham and Burton Choro showing off their robots that Johnson Choro from the Fujusaki Apartment sent back with us.

We love all of you and encourage you to follow President Faust's advice to:

1. Have family prayer morning and night.

2. Study the Scriptures together daily.

3. Have family home evening once a week.

He promises that your children will not be lost if you will do this! It is never too late to start!


Tom and Bess

Elder and Sister Christensen

Mom and Dad

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  1. It looks like you are getting to see alot of Japan! Thanks for the updates... love to see where you've been and what's been going on. love you:)