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Picnic it Japan April 25 to May 1, 2011

Tsutamori Shimai, Nascimento, Christensen and Inamori Choro in first picture with Wilson Choro in the background. Barino Choro, Yamada Shimai, Christensen Choro, Johnson Shimai, Inamori Choro and Harada Shimai all lined up to bowl.

Bowling Group plus one new member in front.

All the Shimai, Johnson, Harada, new bean Tsutamori, Tokyo Yamada, Barraclough and Christensen.

On Monday we attended Kumamoto Zone Preparation Day. We ate at the buffet at the Bus Station again. The food was still really good! We then went bowling. Christensen Choro rented the largest shoes they had and they were still small! We got to meet the new missionaries that transferred into the Zone. They are all wonderful young men and a wonderful young woman. We received another Australian, Battye Choro. He won't replace Triffitt Choro that transferred, but it helps. We had Family Home Evening at the church that night since we had 4 extra Choros and 3 extra Shimai. Christensen Shimai made a very good chocolate chip oatmeal cake! There were no leftovers.

The whole Zone and tunnels on the road to Nobeoka

Tuesday we had a brief Zone Meeting and then broke into District Meetings. Afterward we practiced a song that we are singing in Stake Conference this month. We are also singing with the Nagamini Ward at Stake Conference. We are having a hard time with the words, let alone the music. We will sing quietly. After District Meeting we took the three missionaries from Nobeoka and three futons to Nobeoka. The drive was beautiful. The cherry blossoms we saw three weeks ago had been replaced with other very colorful blossoms. It still took 2.5 hours each way and the road is still very narrow and winding. We got home about 9 pm.

Wednesday we recoved from our trip and prepared for Eikaiwa. That evening we attended a sign language class and Eikaiwa. Afterward some of the group finished 3rd Nephi and we discussed what we had learned from it and shared our favorite verses with the group. There is one member, Pam, that has attended church the last couple of weeks,who said the closing prayer. The first time in public!

We found out that Inamori Choro was transferring back to Tokyo to open the Mission again so we took him out to his Favorite Sushi bar.

Sushi food, Egg over rice, can't remember the name, we just point at what we want.

Touch ordering pad at the Sushi bar. Kim, Nishio and Inamori Choro at Inamori Choro's last supper.

Kimono day. Johnson, Barraclough, Nakagawa and Hayashi Shimai.

The finished product after more than an hour and at least 12 pieces of clothing each plus toe sock and tiny shoes which, by the way, hurt like !!!!

Hayashi Shimai. These were all her Kimonos.

Thursday Christensen, Barraclough and Johnson Shimai were dressed in kimonos by two Shimai in the ward. It took them about two hours, but they enjoyed the activity and looked lovely!

We taught Engish class to the Nakagawa family again.

Friday we went on a Kumamoto Ward Primary party. When we heard that it was a tree climbing activity we wondered. We went and found out. There were a couple of men to teach us how to climb trees with ropes. It was really fun and we had a great picnic after. There was alot of lakes and trees and open space!

Monkeys in a tree? Barraclough Shimai and Tom. From top down, Nishio, Maeda, Kim, Inamori and Battye Choro.

Nishio, Maeda, Kim and Inamodi Choro.

Barraclough, Johnson Shimai, Bess and Masuda Shimai.

back of Fukuhara Bishopu and his daughter and tree expert.

Budding Jugglers and new Eikaiwa student Ryo with thumbs up!

We honestly can't remember what we did on Saturday! We were sure tired though!

On Sunday we took Nishio Choro one of our Zone Leaders to Omuta to the Branch meetings there. They had about twenty kids in the branch and we really enjoyed being with them. There was a little three year old girl named Mina that wanted Christensen Shimai to hold her, then the sweet little thing gave her kisses on the cheek. Bess was ready to either take that little one home with us or pack up and go home to the Grandchildren.

We got home and then went to Maki Family's home for dinner. It was the funnest dinner we have been to.

Tobias Topu, Maki-san and two of his four children. Maki and Johnson Shimai.

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  1. Oh mom, the little ones always gravitate towards you. They can feel your love for them. Good things come to those who serve is all I can say. You are needed there.
    Love the pix's of dad hanging upside down in the tree! You guys look like you are having WAY to much fun!