Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day May 2 to May 8, 2011

Monday was an emotional day. Inamori Choro went back to the Tokyo Mission. Not before the kind Shimai put a cream pie in his face as a goodbye gift, a tradition the have here. We saw him to the bus stop. The 4 Choro from Omuta traveled down to say goodbye to him also.

Nishio, Inamori and Kim Choro. The sendoff group all trying to smile.

The Choro had organized a trip to Mt. Aso to see the active volcano. They had only Masuda Shimai and our car scheduled to go.With the 4 extra Choro here for P-day we had one too many missionaries. On the way from the Bus Station our District Leader from Omuta asked Christensen Shimai to give the Spiritual message on Christlike Charity in District Meeting on Tuesday morning. Well, how does one tell two missionaries they have to stay home when we are the only ones that can be left alone. So Christensen Shimai volunteered to stay behind and let all the young missionaries go. The high mountains reminds one of home. The volcano was very remarkable and was worth the trip. We also traveled to Tsuetate where there was a festival. It was Gold week in Japan. They had hung over a 1,000 windsocks shaped like fish and with fish pictures on them over the river. This is to honor the boys of Japan. It was quite a sight!

Nishio, Battye, Tohara, Maeda, Christensen Choro, Johnson Shimai.

Barraclough and Musuda Shimai and Kim Choro.

Fish kites down the canyons on the rivers.

Christensen Shimai stayed home and baked Banana bread and Cookies. Sure missed my right hand!!

We had family home evening later that evening at the Church since we had such a large crowd.

Tuesday we went to district meeting and tried to finalize next weeks travel plans.

Wednesday, we studied for Eikaiwa and Japanese. We also attended sign language class.

Thursday, the Choro and Shimai fixed lunch and taught us Japanese.

Kim Choro HOT dish chuck full of Tofu!

We taught English again that night to the Nakagawa family. They are a delight to work with with.

Friday, the Assistants to the President and the young missionaries taught us Japanese. We went to the garden center and bought Mother's Day pots, a bag of soil, flowers and herbs. It seems we bought organic fertilizer instead of potting soil so back to the store armed with a google translation of how to ask for potting soil. The salewoman was very nice and we got the potting soil and went home to plant pots. Very pretty! We think we need a long low pot to go with these two. Maybe Monday while the Missionaries are doing Skype to their Mothers.

New pots and the city lights of Kumamoto.

We enjoyed sports night again. It was fun watching the young men helping a young boy play.

New bean, Jeffery Choro from Glenwood, Utah.

He has very good Japanese already.

Saturday the Rogers from the Honbu came down to spend the day with us. We picked them up at the bus stop and went to the Downtown Bus Station for a buffet lunch. We went to Komamoto Castle and spent the afternoon. We took them back to the bus. Great Day!!

Pam Rogers Shimai and Bess Christensen Shimai with a Castle Guard.

Dave and Pam Rogers from Washington City, Utah.

We had forgotten how much fun it is to talk to someone of our own era.

Sunday, we went to Church at 10am and returned at 6pm to have a pork chop meal with tapioca for dessert. Good Mothers Day!

Many small miracles this week! We know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true.

Thank you to those of you who have contacted us, we so much appreciate you all!

Our address:

Elder and Sister Christensen

Joshidaimae Sunshine #801

9-5-28 Obiyama

Kumamota-shi T-862-0924


Tom and Bess

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