Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 15 to May 22, 2011

This was a very busy, but very enjoyable week! Monday Christensen Shimai went to her Relief Society basket weaving class! She had a ball and taught the Shimai English while they were making baskets. Christensen Choro took some missionaries, that had not been to Kumamoto Castle, to the castle for the day. There was a very small crowd and the missionaries meet a man that went to their Eikaiwa (English) class. He was a volunteer guide and he took them on a free tour and spoke in English. The tour was very informative and interesting.

Buckingham Choro's eye, Lyon Choro and Eikaiwa student guide.

Different views of Castle with Burton and Kim Choro.

Castle and wedding pictures .

Tuesday we attended district meeting and then packed and traveled to Fukuoka
Honbu. We were able to see Nishio Choro who left Sunday to be the new MSM (Mission Support Manager) at the Mission office. We went with President and Sister Margetts and Elder and Sister Rogers to the Hard Rock Cafe for a steak dinner. It was heavenly! President Margetts ask them to turn down the music if they could and they did it. That made it so conversation was possible. We stayed in the General Authority room again. We love that room!!

Wednesday we were preparing to travel north when Christensen Choro looked down and saw another 5 inch long centipede running across the floor in the bedroom. He stopped it with his journal while Christensen Shimai got a paper towel, pick it up and flushed it down the toilet! Two in two weeks! We had breakfast with the Marigetts and traveled to Shimonoseki. What a beautiful city! There were four missionaries there, Masson, Tipton, Barton and Mitton Choro.

We traveled on up to Ube to find Takahama and Uchida Shimai's apartment. Brand new and very clean!

We traveled to Hofu to see Wise and Ward Choro, theirs was a very clean apartment. They were dying of the heat and had no fans. We bought them two new fans.

We then traveled to Yamaguchi to the Toyoko Inn. It is in a quiet part of town, across from the train station. We took a long walk and ate at the train station.

Artwork on the wall of the under the road walkway.

Thursday we traveled to the Yamaguchi Choro apartment. Ekins and Abe who are the Zone Leaders. The have a ground floor apartment and only had to do some spot cleaning. Bought them a fan also. We then traveled 2-1/2 hours to the top of the island to Hamada. We had a little trouble finding the apartment, but were rescued by Saito, Shimada, Buck from Tokyo and Saunders Choro. On then to the Toyoko Inn in Hiroshima. The country that we saw the last few days has been very green with beautiful mountians and lots of tunnels. The travel was really enjoyable. We took another long walk and ate at the train station again. Great food! Getting to be a good hand at picking the right food.

Flooded rice fields. A family of wild boar. 2 of about 20 small children dressed alike.

Friday we went to the Takasu apartment and saw Kurakawa Choro and his new "Bean" Ushiro Choro. Kurakawa Choro (dies) goes home next week so we were glad we were able to spend some time with him and take the two of them out to lunch, Sushi.

Ushiro and Kurakawa Choro!

We then traveled about an hour to find and get on the Expressway. The Navi "Millie", said "travel 344 kilometers and exit left." Long way home! The travel was great and we were able to help and teach missionaries. Great trip. We got home about 6 pm and dragged ourselves over to Sports night. Great day!

Kim and Burton Choro, monopolizing the air conditioner.

Saturday the Shimai wanted to try making rice cooker brownies before we made them Wednesday at Eikaiwa. They and the Choro showed up about 10:30 and started making chile for lunch. It was very good. They mixed up the brownies and put them in two rice cookers. They cooked over two hours with mixed results. We will have to cook brownies a different way Wednesday.

Sunday was the long awaited Roast beef dinner for Kim Choro, the darn thing burned itself beyond recognition!! So we had pork chops.

The clean up crew, Tobias Kyodai (brother)and Kim Choro. Burton Choro thinking?

We've realized even more this week that we can't get ahead of the blessings the Lord gives us as we give service to others. Speak kindly to and of others, this brings such peace to our hearts as we know it does to all of you who do this.

We love you all, have a good week and thank you to everyone for the emails and letters and calls. We look so forward to hearing from you.


Tom and Bess



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