Saturday, February 4, 2012

It was cold so we had to eat a lot, Jan. 30 - 5 Feb 2012

Picture from our Conference with Elder and Sister Ringwood in January.

This was a cold snowy transfer week. We still do not like transfer weeks. We need to look at the opportunity to make new friends and not think about saying good by to old friends. Monday we had lunch with the Nagamini Shimai and the Kumamoto Choro. We ate sushi and enjoyed being together.

Watanabe and Clements Choro, Tom, Bess, Uchida and Carroll Shimai at the sushi bar.

Some of Bess's salmon sushi.

Bess's pineapple dessert.

Choro framed in the pineapple.

Tuesday at District meeting we celebrated Uchida Shimai's birthday, reviewed the lessons we have enjoyed this transfer, took pictures, and went to eat at a buffet. Bess made cookies and handed them out to the missionaries before district meeting.

Uchida, beautiful Birthday Girl!

The two Districts. Shimai (leaving for her mission to Australia at the end of the month), Bess, Tom, Takaku Choro (going home this transfer), Carroll and Uchida Shimai.
Stirland, Unice, Shino, Bagley, Villalobos, Oba, Watanabe, Clements, Yamada, and Iino Choro.

Elevator doors at the Hotel.

Buffet lunch at the Hotel.

Saying goodbye..

Last of the dessert!!

Back of garbage truck. Things are clean and cute here.

When we arrived home from lunch we taught English conversation to Elder Tashiro and learned Japanese from Maesawa Kyodai. Busy, late day!

Wednesday, we prepared for Eikaiwa and took the students to California. They learned how to ask and give directions and learned about the state of California.

Carroll Shimai talking about California.

Thursday we woke up to snow. We did not think much of it until we took Carroll Shimai to the bus stop and there were no buses. We got a call from the APs telling us that because of the snow, the buses were not traveling to Fukuoka and to take Carroll Shimai to the Shinkansen (bullet train) station. We got her there in time and said goodby. She was going to Naha and had to catch her plane in Fukuoka.

Picture of snow from our balcony. It lasted about 20 minutes.

Bess, Carroll Shimai, and Tom at bus stop.

Watanabe and Clements Choro and Carroll and Uchida Shimai at bus stop.

Because of the snow Tokuzawa Shimai's scheduled pickup also changed from the bus station to the train station. We received a call telling us she would be there at 12:09, about 5 minutes later the other AP called and said she would be there at 12:53. We took Uchida Shimai to our apartment and had a breakfast of German Pancakes. We were just getting ready to go back to the train station when Villalobos Choro called from the train station and said that Tokuzawa Shimai was there. She had arrived at 12:09. We hurried to the station could not find her for about 15 minutes. We hate that to happen!!!! When we arrived in Kumamoto a year ago, the people that were going to meet us were late and we wanted to get back on the bus. We have always done everything we can to be there on time to welcome new missionaries.

After we took the Shimai to their apartment, we taught English to Elder Tashiro and then went to a sushi bar with him to have dinner and practice his English. After eating we picked up the Shimai and went to Sports Depot so Tokuzawa Shimai could buy a bike. While we were waiting for the bike to be assembled we drove the Shimai to the home of a less active member and then to the 100 yen store to buy a bike lock. It was after 9 pm before we arrived home.

Uchida and Tokuzawa Shimai at train station.

Tokuzawa Shimai with new bike in our car trunk.

Friday we spent most of the day studying and recovering.

Saturday, we had the transfer Eikaiwa planning meeting and then taught at 2 o clock. Brother Oaks came and gave us a hand. He is really good with people and is a good teacher. He said he could teach next week when we will be in Yamaguchi doing apartment checks.

Sunday was Fast Sunday. Good meetings, we need to visit some less inactive members and encourage them to come. The Priesthood and Relief Society's lessons were both on Elder Eyring's First Presidency message about prayer. We have found that this testimony by Austin is also true in our lives.

Powerful Prayer

Prayer is one of the greatest and most important ways to connect to, talk with, and be comforted by our Heavenly Father.

While I was saying my prayers one night, I thought about what my family was in need of, what I was grateful for, and also what I needed to repent of. Right after closing my prayer, I thought about the many worldly things that could easily distract me from my goals.

But during my prayers, I feel that if I pray sincerely and humbly, my burdens are lightened, my sins are washed away, and my problems have answers. I realize how close to God I feel while I say my prayers. It shows me how important we all are in God’s eyes. I testify that prayer is one of the most powerful and important things that we can do.

A big orange!


Mom and Dad,
Grandma and Grandpa,
Bess and Tom

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