Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 23 - 29, 2012, Snow in Japan

Another enjoyable, busy week.

Monday Watanabe Choro and Uchida Shimai broke their first wish bone. The one with the biggest piece got their wish. Watanabe Choro would not tell us what he wished for.

We have met with our Japanese teacher for 5 months now. He works with us on Tuesday nights for a couple of hours. He is a very kind man. We are learning very slowly. We know he has learned more English than we have learned Japanese. We finally remembered to take a picture of him.

Maesawa Kyodai dressed warm to return home on his scooter.

Tuesday night as we finished our lesson we got a call from the Shimizu Choro. We took Oba Choro to the hospital. The flu is going around their apartment and it was his turn. Wednesday morning Tom took Villalobos Choro to the doctor. It was his turn. They are both doing well now as the doctor ordered them and Iino and Bagley Choro to stay in their apartment for three days.

Eikaiwa on Wednesday was very fun. We took the Class to Hawaii and to the Polynesian Cultural Center. We learned how to say Aloha and buy tickets. Tobias taught them a Tongan dance.

Tobias tells the class how the men in Tonga do all the cooking. That brought some smiles from the women.

Learning to dance sitting down.

Thursday as we drove from Chikushino to Nakatsu we saw snow again. It did not stick to the road so we enjoyed driving through it. We were checking the last six of the Fukuoka Zone apartments.

Snow in the Japan.

Chikushino Choro, Guevara and Ralston with their bakery treat. Good job cleaning!

Nakatsu Choro, Clayton and Sonntag. Keep it up!

The Kitakyushu Choro passed their inspection at dinner time so we treated them to supper! We were hungry!! Buckingham, Okada, and Bunderson Choro.

We stayed Thursday night in the new Toyoko Inn on the man made extension of the north Kyushu island about three mile off shore. All that was there was the hotel and the Kitakyushu Airport.

Friday, our first visit to the bakery with Yahata Choro, Monson and J. Williams. Tom is enjoying visiting a couple different bakeries each day!

Iizuka Choro, Cox and H. Watanabe. They did a great job keeping an old apartment clean!

Maebaru Choro, Harvard and Stevenson, get a new frying pan and a futon set to be able to enjoy their mission more.

Saturday we attended the temple and sped home to wish Uchida Shimai a Happy Birthday. She wanted cheese cake, so we picked one up at Costco.

Uchida Shimai blowing out 23 candles! S. Watanabe and Clements Choro and Fukino watching.

Bess and Carroll Shimai serving cake.

Uchida and Carroll Shimai, Clements Choro, Fukino, Watanabe Choro and Tom enjoying cake and strawberries.

Sunday was ward conference in the Nagamine Ward. Many good reminders to do better and work harder!

We need to look at missionary work as if it were public relations work. Missionary work is hard and many of us are afraid to open our mouths. Public relations work is fun as we just enjoy talking to people and learning about their beliefs and sharing ours. That was the message from ward conference. We can all do better at sharing the message of our Savior Jesus Christ's life and of His gift to each of us of the Atonement.


Grandma and Grandpa
Mom and Dad
Bess and Tom

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