Sunday, January 15, 2012

A pictureless Week January 9 - 15, 2012

This week started out to be Bess's dream and Tom's nightmare! He took Bess, Carroll and Uchida Shimai shopping at Uniqlo. He found a long sleeved sweater to wear under his suit coats and then when Bess filled the basket the first time he decided she was finished and off to the checkout he went!! He found a bench that was already occupied (by another man) and stood close to it hoping the man would either vacate or the the Shimai would hurry. One more sweater and a few minutes later, the shopping was finished. We then went to the Best store to find Carroll Shimai an electronic Nehongo to English dictionary. Tom was very patient! Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

Tuesday started with a quick call to Justin to wish him Happy Birthday and then District meeting and training. Stirland Choro, our district leader, is a very good teacher, we always learn just what we seem to need to face each week. Stayed for planning with Villalobos and Oba Choro. Stopped on the way home at the Sanki to get a cushion for Bess's study chair and also a new sweater that cost only 600yen. Everything is on sale!!!

Now she can walk after sitting and studying!

After eating a late lunch we picked up the Shimai to go visit a less active family. They weren't home so we stopped at Zouza Shimai's and visited with her. She is married to a non-member who works from 5 am to about 9 pm each day. She doesn't have a drivers license so she is home alone with her 6 month old son. It was a good visit, she speaks English having gone to all 4 years of high school in Sandy, Utah.
We returned home just in time for our lesson with Maesawa Kyodai at 6:30 pm, always a good end to a good day!

Wednesday we did a lot of preparation for the "New and Improved Eikaiwa". Clements and Watanabe Choro had the inspiration that we were to teach something other the book for this next 12 weeks. The students are going to learn how to take a trip to the United States beginning with passport and pictures. We have all been working on the new curriculum, looking for pictures showing where we are going to take them and writing word lists and sentences for conversation.
We were all excited when four members, who hadn't come before, three new non-members and most of the old students all showed up.
We all had a great time!
Elder Tashiro asked us to help him get his English conversational skills up to speed before Elder Dallin H. Oaks come in February.

Thursday started early morning jointing with Villalobos and Oba Choro at the Penwells. Penwell Shimai has injured her shoulder so the Choro gave her a Priesthood blessing. We returned in time to Skype with the Briggs at noon and then Elder Tashiro came at 1 pm for a couple of hours. Good day!
Thursday we also finalized plans and made phone calls to schedule inspections for the last week of January.

Friday, busy all day, called and talked to the Funks in Arizona, baked cookies and delivered them, mailed a package, worked more on the Eikaiwa passports complete with the pictures of the students that we took Wednesday evening, worked on getting things ready to send in the taxes and went to Sports Night. Only stayed a few minutes as there was nothing planned and hardly anyone there.

Saturday, study, a meeting to talk about Wednesday's Eikaiwa and then Saturday's Eikaiwa. Went shopping for our Family Home Evening meal on Monday with the Shimai and a few others, both members, less-active and non-members, a total of 14 including 4 children. Taco Rice and Jello!

Sunday, only 4 hours of Church and 1 hour of jointing with Clement and Watanabe Choro teaching Li.

We are so happy to hear of the young missionaries that are coming out on their missions! As we reread Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's talk from the Priesthood Session this past October we plead with those of you both young and more mature to prepare to serve the Lord by serving missions. There is so much work to do and Satan is influencing so many to be "at ease" sitting at home. You are needed!! Please prepare and come as quickly as you possibly can.


Grandpa and Grandma
Dad and Mom
Tom and Bess

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