Saturday, February 11, 2012

A taste of America. Feb 6 - 12, 2012

We had several highlights this week! Monday we had a movie day here at the apartment. Big screen showing of "17 Miracles." Very good movie!!

Tuesday we posted Eikaiwa posters at different businesses with Uchida and Tokuzawa Shimai. Later we met with Tashiro Choro for 3 and a half hours and worked on his English conversation. He is learning so fast! Had a late supper and Maesawa Kyodai stopped by late and worked with us on Japanese. What a wonderful day!

Tokuzawa Shimai, Bess, and Uchida Shimai after posting at a Lawson convenience store.

Uchida Shimai, Tokuzawa Shimai and Bess, after not being able to post at a store.

Wednesday we met with our new district members at District meeting. The district is made up of the best missionaries in the mission again! Shimada Choro is our new District leader and is serving for the second time in Omuta. He gave the best lesson on obtaining Christlike attributes. We then went to visit Zouza Shimai and her 6 month old son. Bess could not get enough of playing with him. For Eikaiwa that night, we took the class to Washington state and then played Jeopardy with special host Elder Clements.

Clements and Watanabe Choro hosting Jeopardy. Like the Moustache?

Thursday and Friday we went back on the road checking apartments. The apartments were very good this time and the Choro and Shimai were the best.

Thomas "new bean"and Lyon Choro at Shimonseki. Elder Lyon is going home after this transfer.

Ube Shimai, Ito Shimai gave us a spiritual thought all in English! Tingey Shimai is a great teacher!

In Yamaguchi, Shima and Peterson Choro cleaned up on some new supplies and we had dinner with them that night.

This is how we stopped a running faucet in Hofu until the plumber could arrive.

Hofu Choro, Murakami and Kusakabe. Kusakabe Choro guided us through the Tokyo Airport when we first came to Japan. We could not have made it without him!

Tokuyama Choro, Kwon and Beckstrand. Two wonderful, positive Elders of the Lord.

Yanai Choro, Unice and Tanaka with their selection from the Little Mermaid bakery for a clean apartment.

When we finished Yanai apartment we went to Iwakuni Marine Air Base for the night. It was so fun to get back in an American setting for a few minutes. We enjoyed the people and the warm room and soft bed at the Base Hotel! Bess enjoys shopping where she can read the labels. We were checked into our room by the nicest young Japanese man named Tomo. He saw our name tags and asked the right questions. We, of course were willing to help him understand a little about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Bess gave him a Book of Mormon which he was glad to receive. He has been thinking about contacting the missionaries but has been nervous about doing so.

Saturday started with a American breakfast of bacon, eggs, hash browns, toast, and orange juice with Sister Wilson. She is the wife of the Branch President who was in Tokyo at a high school basketball game. It was fun to get to know her. She said she would check on the young man we met last night. We then bought some groceries and traveled home dropping some food off at the mission home.

When we got home we found out that we were the proud grandparents of a beautiful new granddaughter!

Little boys area in the woman's rest room. Good idea! The washbasin comes up to Bess' knees.
Each time we share the Gospel with someone we feel so happy. We know and have seen the joy that comes into the lives of those who accept and live the Gospel. We feel it such a privilege to serve the Lord by sharing the Gospel with those who are seeking the truth.

We love you all!!

Grandpa and Grandma
Dad and Mom
Tom and Bess

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  1. nice to see so many familiar faces~
    yamaguchi's apartment was brand spanking new and clean when I was there! how do they need new futons already? ^^;;