Sunday, December 4, 2011

Still sick, but excited about the work. Nov 28 - Dec 4, 2011

A slow week. Bess was sick all week, but did make it to part of Zone Conference Tuesday. The missionaries had a fun Zone P-day on Monday the day before the Conference. They played kick ball, crab crawl soccer, dodge ball, and Frisbee tag. Japanese California pizza was the menu for a late lunch. It was OK. Tom had fun!! Bess slept through it.

Frisbee Tag.

Crab Crawl Soccer.

Zone Conference included two Zones, Kumamoto and Kagoshima. 42 people all slept over night in the three missionary apartments here in Kumamoto. COZY!! They all said the apartments were very warm. The Zone Conference message was to increase the understanding of Christ's Atonement for us. We need to study it more. Bess has continued to read Jesus the Christ and Tom has read three of the New Testament Gospels this week. This is a very good month for all to study about the Atonement and of our Savior's life and to find ways to give extra service at Christmas time.

Nagamine Celestial Apartment that we inspected Thursday. Sisters, Tagawa, Itohara, Carroll, & Blau .

Tom jointed with Nagafuchi and Clements Choro for two lessons with Li this week! Itohara Shimai was hit by a car while riding her borrowed bike on Monday. Friday we took her and her companion Tagawa Shimai to the bike shop to figure out what to do for transportation. They bought a new bike to replace the old one. Itohara Shimai will report to the MTC on January 2, 2012 as her visa has finally been approved and she will move on the fill her mission at Temple Square.

Nagafuchi Choro has been called up to be a new Assistant to the President replacing Watanabe Choro who will go back out in the field, we won't know where until transfer calls in two weeks. Tom transported Nagafuchi Choro to the bus station and then he and Clements Choro picked up Stirland Choro at the train station so he could be Clements Choro's new fill in companion. Bess missed all the excitement as she couldn't get too far from the tissue box and hasn't given in to wearing the "mask" yet.

We have read a lot and learned a lot this week while Bess was resting. Hope she recovers, because we have a very busy week schedule this next week including her birthday party on Monday. Tom is cooking for 9, Watanabe-don, one of Bess' favorites.

What Does the Atonement Mean to You? April 2009 Ensign, by:

By Elder Cecil O. Samuelson Jr.
"His Atonement does indeed cover the world and all people from the beginning to the end. Let us not forget, however, that in its comprehensiveness and completeness it is also intensely personal and uniquely crafted to fit perfectly and address perfectly each of our own individual circumstances. The Father and the Son know each of us better than we know ourselves and have prepared an Atonement for us that is fully congruent with our needs, challenges, and possibilities."

"Thanks be to God for the gift of His Son, and thanks be to the Savior for His Atonement. It is true and is in effect and will lead us where we need and want to be."

We love all of you!

The Christensens, Bess and Tom
Mom and Dad,
Grandma and Grandpa

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