Sunday, December 18, 2011

One more Transfer, Dec 12 - 18, 2011

Another transfer. Saying goodby to old friends and hello to new friends, again. But, this time the new friends are old friends! How do you make sense of that? We knew all of the new missionaries already. Does that mean we have been here a while. Anyway back to the week. Now that Bess is feeling better we are trying to do what we were sent here to do.
Tom has an appointment to take the driver license test next Thursday. On average foreigners usually take the test 4 times. We know one person that took it 7 times before passing. Stay tuned, it all starts next Thursday.

We received some Christmas cards from friends and family this week. Thank you so much for them!

Tuesday was a joint District Meeting. It was good training and we came away from it wanting to be better missionaries.

The two Districts from our seventh Transfer.
Front row: Shichijo, Matsuhashi, Christensen, Blau, Carroll, Tagawa and Itohara Shimai.
Back row: Christensen, Fontenet, Abe, Stirland, Iino, Clements, Takaku, Shino, Ichikawa and Villalobos Choro, Oyama Kyodai and Shimai.

Abe and Stirland Choro goofing off, Iino, Villalobos and Takaku Choro.

Matsuhashi and Blau Shimai.

After District meeting we all ate Shabushabu at a restaurant. The meal is thin meat and vegetables the you swish through boiling water, dip in sauce and eat with rice. It was very good!

We thought we had this saved the right way!!

After lunch we took the Omuta missionaries home and did an apartment check. The apartment was the cleanest we had seen it. Good job!

Omuta Celestial Choro, Fontanet, Shino, and Abe.

Nagamini Ward had another baptism Tuesday this week! Itohara Shimai gets her first baptism before she goes to the Mission Training Center January 2.

Tagawa Shimai, Kamada and Furuta Kyodai and Itohara Shimai.

Thursday was Transfer Day. Because of a clash in schedules, we did not take Blau Shimai, who went home, and Tagawa Shimai,who transferred to Fukuoka, to the bus stop, Okamoto Shimai, a member helped. It was so good to get the help, but we missed saying goodby at the bus stop.
We lost both Matsuhashi and Shichijo Shimai from Yatsushiro, they were replaced by Yamada and Unice Choro. Abe and Fontenet Choro both left Omuta, Takaku transferred from Shimizu to Omuta to join Stirland and Shino Choro. Itchikawa Choro left Tsuboi. Oba Choro replaced Takaku Choro and Bagley Choro replaced Ichikawa Choro.

Carroll, Itohara, and Uchida Shimai, who came from Fukuoka.

Watanabe Choro, came from Honbu, and Clements Choro.
We actually jumped for joy when we heard who was coming to Kumamoto, Yippee!!!!

After we got the missionaries moved we went to the Mission Home in Fukuoka and had dinner and a temple session with the returning missionaries. It was so good to see Ito Shimai again. She was with us for 3 transfers and we love her so very much. We also got to see Massen Choro, who was with us for one transfer, and to say good by to Blau Shimai who was with us for two transfers. They are all so special. We got a special treat when Obayashi Choro heard we were there and came to see us. He is now Zone Leader in the Fukuoka Zone and was our Zone Leader in Kumamoto for 4 transfers! Wow, do we ever miss these wonderful missionaries when they leave.

Returning missionaries, left: Cambell, Freeman, Frazier, Masson and Tsukamoto Choro, Blau and Ito Shimai, R.Stratford, Honbu recorder, (not pictured) Neki Choro, MSN at Honbu, and Buckner Choro.

Sister Margetts loves her diet food.

Elder and Sister Rogers and President Margetts.

Cambell and Christensen Choro, Ito and Blau Shimai, Massen, Buckner and Frazier Choro in front of the Fukuoka Temple.

The classic broom at work.

We received a wonderful Christmas present this week, written testimonies from 4 of Jeff and Mandy Peterson's children. Thank You!!

We thought we would close this weeks blog with our testimonies.

I know that we have a loving Heavenly Father. I know that His Son, our brother, Jesus Christ came to earth and died for our sins if we but repent. I know that they appeared to Joseph Smith and restored the gospel on the earth. I know the Book of Mormon is another Testimony of Jesus Christ and it has come forth in the latter days to help us return to our Heavenly Father through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know that living their commandments not only brings us joy in this life, but in the hereafter. I love my Savior and want to help other people feel the joy the Gospel will bring into their lives. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Elder Christensen

I know that my Father in Heaven lives and loves me. I know without a doubt that Jesus Christ, His Son, lives and loves me. I know that He loves each of us enough that he suffered and died upon the cross for us. He atoned for for our sins making it possible for each one of us, who choose to repent and follow his teachings, to live with Him in Celestial Glory. I know the love and peace that is possible by asking for and recieving help from God. This comes through the power of the Atonement of which I am so grateful.
I love my Father in Heaven and my Savior Jesus Christ and hope to show my love by serving others.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen
Sister Bess Christensen

We love you all,
Grandpa and Grandma
Dad and Mom
Tom and Bess

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  1. Dear Bess and's Christmas time already and I didn't get cards sent out. But I wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you, miss you and know that God will continue you as you serve him....I hope someday to be able to do this in some capacity.

    Love Sheri and Kids