Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cherry Blossom Time 4 - 10 April 2011

This week has been very busy. On Monday we went as a Zone to the Kumamoto Castle in downtown Kumamoto for P-day. The Cherry blossoms are in full bloom. We started with a buffet diner at the train station. The food was Delicious and the Missionaries had a lot of fun being together. We then walked to the castle down streets lined with cherry blossoms. We spied some Koi fish in the river, hope ours will be that big went we get home! The castle was built in the 1600s and was fun to tour and see all the flowers!

Sign says LDS missionaries table that way.
Lyon and Buckingham Choro with ice cream
Triffitt is holding the official ice cream cup. The others have drink cups full

Statue as we entered Castle
Koi in moat.
See Barraclough Shimai, she had to eat fast!

Cherry Blossoms
Speak,see and hear no evil
All of us and some of Castle

Yes,, there are ninja warriors!
Sign to keep ninjas off the wall
Entrance to Castle
Hole where they throw Prisoners
Choro checking out how long it took a rock to hit the bottom
   Centuries old tree, wish we could bring it home!

Another turret of Castle
 Leaving Castle tired

Cherry Blossoms beloved by Japanese
On Tuesday we went to District meeting and then out to lunch with the two districts. The food was ordered  by pushing a button and inserting money. The food was then brought to our tables and was very good. We then walked with Johnson and Barraclough Shimai to the store to get them new glasses. While we were waiting for the glass to be built we did some shopping for food Bess could eat. We ended up at an international market two levels below the ground. There was everything a person could imagine there, if you were willing to pay the price. We then picked up the glasses after only an hour and a half!

District meeting?
Grocery Store
 On Wednesday we had our weekly Missionary Ward Coordination meeting with Brother Rogers (the Nagamini Ward Mission Leader) and learned about a member that arrived today from Tonga. His name is Tobias Topu. He is coming to Japan to study at the University. He is married and has three year old twin boys. His family will come to Japan in about 6 months to join him. We also had a Aikaiwa (English class) planning meeting to plan for the next semester which starts on suiyobi (Wed) the 27th of April. At Aikaiwa Bess received another present for another one of her male students. I guess they like her! A large bag of oranges which we shared with others.

Thursday we traveled to Nobeoka to inspect apartments. The trip was over the mountains on two lane roads. It took about three hours and was a very beautiful drive with all the cherry blossoms along the way. We inspected the apartment and had lunch with Barino and Nascimento Choro. We brought the new futon that they needed with us.

We then traveled to Oita and spent the night in a small not too clean hotel. We would of asked for a different room, but we could not speak the language. In the morning I looked out the window and saw a Toyoko Inn. We stayed in that brand name Hotel last week and it was very clean. Darn. We inspected Wilson and Zaico Choro's apartment, bought them some needed items and traveled to Fukuoka to the Costco. The Chicken Bake was the best ever. After stocking up on supplies we traveled home.
Love that Kobi (mold),
  Hit the porcelain every time!
Those are twin beds
  Beauty tucked on every spot

One of many tunnels

No wasted space
 Cherry Blossoms and mist
Saturday we attended General conference all day. Yes, it was the same one that you had last week in Utah. Tobias brought a fellow student, Amous, (nonmember) to the conference. He is from Benin, next to Nigeria. After the priesthood session they and two Shimai came to dinner and we got to know them and ask questions. He accepted a Japanese Book of Mormon and would like to talk again.

Sunday was conference all day with another Baptism afterward. Li Shin Kyo, a 20 year old Chinese was baptized. He is a very special person. We are hoping for three baptisms next week!

Kurakawa, Nishio and Christensen Choro doing windows

En Manri, Lyon Choro, and Li Shin Kyo
  Tobias, Amous, Shimai and us after dinner

Picture of Soy sauce on Tom's camera so we could find some more at the store.
 Conference was the best! It seemed that there was an answer to all the things we need help with. We are so grateful for a Heavenly Father who know our needs and a Savior who loves us and Atoned for our sins. Our hearts break when we think of how much pain our sins inflicted on Him and we hope to follow Him always. The Gospel is true and there is much work to be done. We love you all, and yes, Taralee the See, Speak and Hear no evil picture was for you...Knew you would appreciate it. Love, Dad and Mom Grandpa and Grandma Christensen Choro and Shima.

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  1. Sooo beautiful! Glad that you are serving somewhere with lots of beautiful trees, flowers, ect...Makes it so you don't get so homesick? :) We pray for you everyday and are so happy you are doing so well!