Sunday, April 17, 2011

11 Apr - 17 Apr 2011

Sunset off our baranda (balcony).

The week started out with a bang! The Three Choros fixed P-day lunch for us, sukiyaki complete with the raw egg. It was a great meal. We had fun and made some goods plans. Tuesday we went to District Meeting and went out to lunch with the other District and Miyazaki Rie, who is planning on being baptized this Sunday. We then had the privilege to take Trifitt Choro to the doctor for a health problem. Then we took him to the hospital where he got some medicine and claims he "lost the rest of my dignity."

Triffitt Choro and Miyazaka Rie

Buckingham Choro (waiting for companion at the Hospital)

On Wednesday we had a couple of planning meetings for the new year of Eikaiwa (English Classes). We then attended Eikaiwa. Sister Christensen is now an old hand at teaching English and does very well! She didn't receive a present from a male student this week, she did talk one more in to stay and play the fun games afterwards.

Thursday we went with two investigators, Higashi Kodei and Veda Kohei, a ward missionary, Yamanokuchi Yu, the three Choro, two Shimia, two ward ladies, Stewart Sayuri and Hitomi Masuda, who is deaf, to Amakusu. Masuda wanted us to see the town she grew up in. We ate at the Kona Kona Cafe, owned by a member. The food was great and the weather was hot! First heat of the season, it was nice other than the sun burned my head!

Kona Kona Cafe, Sayuri is taking the picture.

We went to a Monument that honored 1,000s of Christians that were killed. We went to a Shrine which was very pretty. The gardens and buildings were a delight to see.

Masuda and the Missionaries...someone lost their shoes?

The Choro insisted this looked like a wedding picture! Ha! Notice the window peepers!

Japanese Moroni Statue!

We borrowed Sayuri for a daughter, she is getting her papers filled out to serve a mission. She hopes to go stateside as they don't need anyone in Japan yet.

Masuda and Kohei who can't get his father's permission to be baptized. Keep him in your prayers please.

Three Choro going AWOL

Sayuri...we love her! She also speaks a little English.

Large Graveyard

On Friday the Choro were in and out all day making items and printing on the computer. We went to sports night where we had three teams. We played for 90 minutes and I made my first soccer goal ever. Bess missed it!!

Action was too fast for camera! Buckingham Choro tried to speed it up.

Warmups with the plastic football and Best Cheerleader!!

Saturday we prepared for a new year of Eikaiwa and helped the three Zone Leader Choro and our Aussie and Tazmania Choro with baptism programs, provided the computer, ink, and paper, and attended a baptism of Higashi Kodei, one of the investigators we traveled with Thursday. He also is one of the sakka (soccer) players. His Baptism was a great experience. He bore a very strong testimony.

Nishio Choro, Inamori Choro, Higashi Kodei and Kurakawa Choro.

Sunday we attended church and the baptism of Miyazaki Rie. The Choro and Shimia are wonders!

Buckingham Choro, Miyazaki Rie and son and Triffitt Choro.

The Gospel is spreading so fast! The Japanese people are very obedient. It is a previlege to be among them and learn from them.

We would encourage you each to read the Book of Morman and pray each day! This brings such amazing blessings as we prepare ourselves to recieve the Lord's word for each of us.

We know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. We have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams and would wish for each of you the same blessings! Our mission is truly a blessing. We encourage each of you to plan and prepare to serve.


Dad and Mom

Grandpa and Grandma

Tom and Bess

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  1. Hi from Annabella, we are freezing again and it is snowing and raining and i don't like spring in Utah. Well it looks like the both of you are very busy, I wonder when you find time to sleep. We went to Luke Dalton's fair-well Sunday in Monroe he talked and made every one laugh, I think he will be a good missionary. Jason Watson, Billy Fullmur's step son was baptised and Billy was made a Priest just before so he could baptised Jason,also the older step son was made a decon and passed the sacrement Sunday. Judy Lason's Hubby passed away last week,and well I guess that all I have to tell, Camille said to tell you Hi I've working a couple of week for the office.Hope this finds you all well the farm is not going over well with the bank the need more info. before they loan Russ all that money. well good night, it's Monday and the Scouts have worn me out, take care and as always the both of you are in our prayers love Russ and Carol