Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Week of April Fools 2011

Monday we cleaned our apartment windows and screens, fans in the bath room, and organized books shelves. The young missionaries were in and out all day until about 9:15 pm. Tuesday, March 29th, we had quite a ride. We finished the apartment inspection in Omuta and set the "Navi" for the Toyoko Inn in Nagasaki where we have reservations to stay the night. Navi had a mind of her own and we ended up on a ferry boat ride across the bay. A first, and Tom quite enjoyed the drive in the rain and it also shortened our trip by more than half the time.

Entrance to the Ferry

We found our Hotel after going around the block, parking in handicapped parking, and then going around the block again to find some parking. By the time we reached our room I was about done except that we hadn't eaten much since breakfast so we had prayer, walked to a building, rode up two floors to a Media cafe, thought all cafes meant food, the man at the desk gave us a funny look and said "no food." We then went into the elevator to get to the 10th floor Cafeteria. The elevator would not go up when we pushed the #10 button, we tried several times, even riding down to the 1st floor and trying again. We finally got the message not to go there and walked down an alley until we saw a food sign. Bingo! Good food we cooked on our own grill and the gas didn't give out. I only spilled on myself twice. The napkins here, if you get any,are less than half the size of the small ones we have at home.

This is our large hotel room. The sign on the bed says there is room to put large luggage under the bed. Notice how much room there is.

Also check out the bathroom sink handles, they also control the shower. I scalded Tom when I tried to wash my face while he was showering.

We came back to our room and the Internet hooked up without Tom having to get someone to come and decipher for him. Small blessings to someone that can read Hiragana, Katakana and Conji, large ones to we English speakers. Tom is so strong and patient!! I am a very blessed woman!

Elder McGlinchy from Isahaya waving us in and wearing a bowl on his head. He is at least 6ft 6 inches tall.

Wednesday we drove back to Isahaya, about 12 miles away with at least 4 miles of tunnels and 700yen for tolls, to inspect the Elders apartment and then back here to do the Nagasaki Elders in the afternoon. Then up to Sasebo before bedtime. Our typical day? We don't know what a typical day is because every day is different. Wednesday, March 30, we were in Isahaya, Nagasaki (where the United States dropped a big nuclear bomb many years ago to stop the Japanese people from attacking our Military troops) and then that night in Sasebo. We have been in these cities inspecting the different apartments that the Missionaries live in. We do this to make sure they are safe and clean. Thursday we inspected the apartment in Sasebo and then took two Elders with us and met the other two that we didn't know were there to the Naval Base. We found some American things there that we needed. Things like molasses and powered sugar, blankets (the Japanese don't have big enough blankets,) peanut butter, honeynut cheerios, cheese and some other things we either can't find or they don't have here.

Battleship in the Sasebo harbor New bridge into Sasebo

After the Naval Base visit we drove about three and a half hours back home to Kumamoto as Friday, President Margetts (our Mission President) was in Kumamoto for a mini Zone Conference.We parked our car Wednesday night in one of those tricky places that we described on our Blog.

The Sasebo Elders (4) were very kind. They needed new futons and a rod in their closest to hang their cloths. After we purched the items we went to the Naval Base to shop for some things and get some American fast food. The first person was the gate guard, who checked us and let us in and introduced himself as Brother Curtis, a member of the Military Branch. We also met some other members of the church on the base. Sister Small and Brother and Sister Santag. It was very fun going to the Base.

New bedding from PX at FLTACT (Sasebo)

We managed to miss all but one of the toll roads on the way home. That added a hour to the three hour trip, but we saw a lot of new country.

Toll Gate for toll roads

Some of the scenery along the way

Friday, we attended our mini Zone Conference. President and Sister Margetts and the three Assistants to the President were there. We were taught to not just commit to baptism, but to commit the investigator to being a member of the church. We were also taught of look for the good in our companions. It was fun to realize that we had many more good things to write about each other than the 5 we were asked to write! That is a good thing to do as we do not plan on changing companions.

Johnson Shimai, Sister Margetts and Bess

No, I was not polishing those shoes, Sister Margetts does that.

Saturday, we collapsed and cleaned and shopped. We went to a members home for a delicious dinner. Raw salmon and salmon eggs along with other things. These were all very good.

Kurukawa Choro, Takuya Miyazaki, Nishio Johnson and Barraclough Shimai, Takuya

and Inamori Choro. Inamori, Kurukawa and Nishio Choro

We then went to the baptism of a 10 year old young man. I think the whole Ward turned out in support of him! Sunday, we fasted for the fourth Sunday since we have been here. Four Sundays! Church was great and next Sunday we listen to conference, It is nice to have the internet and be able to listen to it in English a week before the Japanese wards get the translation. I sure hope they have a English translation for us or it will be a long two days. We are also set to pick up our new drapes and order new sheers next Saturday before we start Conference at 12 noon.

We found two new grocery stores this week, one has a few Great Value brand items and the other one is alot cheaper than the other stores we've shopped at. We will have to take pictures of these stores so that you all will understand why they are so hard for us to find. We also found another Do-it-yourself hardware store that has plants ready to plant. I'm afraid I'm going to have to buy a pot, plant flowers in it and put it on our 8th floor balcony. Tom tells me that I have flowers out there already. Plastic ones!

The Gospel is true!! Japanese people are wonderful and the members are so humble. We love them and still wonder how we can serve them.

We miss and love you a bunch!! Thanks for the emails.

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  1. super fun to see some of what your seeing/doing! You look great! Hope all continues to go well and know we are praying for you and love you:)