Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 21 - 27, 2011

First convert baptism in our ward building since we got here. Matsunaga-san 63 years years old. Kurakawa Choro baptized him and was a little worried about getting him back up after putting him under as he is quite big and not so mobile. The young woman in the picture is newly returned from a California mission.

I met a visitor from Tokoyo today in Relief Society who had been supported on her mission many years ago by a couple in Utah. This couple was too old to serve and they had been praying for someone to serve in their place. This woman was living with them on a "home stay", she had recieved a proposal of marriage from a good Japanese man and had gone to the Temple to ponder over it. While in the Temple she recieved the answer that she was to go on a mission. Having not thought about a mission she was quite surprised but decided to go. As she told the couple (named Christensen) They assured her that they would finance her mission which they did. On her mission she had a companion with the name of Christensen. She had a plastic bag with a beautiful crocheted table topper in it. As Johnson and Barraclough Shimai and I admired it she handed it to me and said she wanted me to have it. I made sure that we translated that correctly as I was so surprised.

First meal that I have cooked and eaten completely with chopsticks. ( They didn't offer a fork and I was hungry) Tom is a pro with those chopsticks but his quit working halfway through the cooking and eating. We finally resorted to stabbing and using a chopstick in each hand. We had to eat fast as our little burner under the skillet gave out about the time our chopsticks did.

Lunch out with our two favorite Australian Choro and the four Shimai and an investigator just before we took Harada and Yamada Shimai to Yatsushiro to their new apartment. Tom and I are wishing we were in Yatsushiro, (not really President Margitts) it is beautiful down there and the Shimai have a field of garden space just outside of their apartment. The roads are even wider and not quite so crowded.

Yea, garden space in Yatsushiro.

Harada and Yamada Shimai. We are going to miss them. But we will see them every Kayobi (Tuesday) morning for District Meetings.

Tom and all but two Choro after District Meetings. Our new from Tokoyo,Inamori Choro is sitting next to Tom. We now have three Zone Leaders in the Kumamoto Ward. That makes 5 missionaries at house every Monday morning to email home.

Large road in Kumamoto

Small road, or normal two way road in Kumamota.

Spring in Japan---walking through the Mall after getting our Gaijin (alein person card) at the City Hall.

Typical height of door leading into a Japanese restuarant about 5 feet.

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  1. Ahh, you guys are such cute little old missionaries. We're so proud of you. Thanks for doing a great job updating the blog. I love to read the updates.