Sunday, June 3, 2012

May 28 to June 3, 2012, we will diet next week.

Monday, we cleaned and caught up on the laundry, then traveled to Mt Aso with Brother and Sister Aoki and the Shimai.  We stopped on the way to eat lunch at an all you can eat Buffet next to a poppy field. The buffet was very good.  We traveled a completely different route and saw more pretty parts of Japan.  We couldn't go to the top of the crater as the wind was blowing the gases the wrong way, but we had a great drive.  When we got back to Kumamoto we picked up Beckstrand and Watanabe Choro and went to Yushida-san's for dinner.  She is an investigator and a very good woman.  We had Sushi. The Choro then went to a teaching appointment and we packed for our trip to Hiroshima the next day.
Tom, Takuzawa and Mueller Shimai, and Bess.

Bess and Sister Aoki.  Field of poppies.
Yasuhiro-kun, Watanabe and Beckstrand Choro, Yushida-san, Bess and Tom.

Yes, that is a Monkey Crossing Sign.
Hamada Choro, Clayton and Strother.
Yasufuruichi, Ushiro Choro with his garden..
Ushiro and Tamura Choro

The clean apartment at Takasu made the Elders happy.  J. Beckstrand and Tipton Choro.

Ito and A. Watanabe Shimai.  Hikari Shimai.
This picture is for Ward Choro's Mother who does not get to see enough pictures of him.  He is doing great.  Tom gave him a hug for you.
Hikari  Choro, Ward and Anstead Choro and Tom with the Okonomiyaki cooks.  Saying our last goodbyes!

Thursday we headed to Mihara early.  We were stuck in traffic in a tunnel for about 30 minutes.  It was sure good to see daylight again.  We had good inspections in Mihara, Saijo and Kure.
Mihara Choro, Fitt and Takeda and treats.

Saijo Choro, Bagley and Evans at Joyful for lunch.

Kure Choro, Bunderson and DeJong, Empty Baskin Robbins cups.
Friday we traveled to Hatsukaichi and checked their apartment.  They saved their p-day for Friday so they could take us to the Miyajima island.  They fixed us lunch and we traveled by trolley to the ferry.  We met Dorothy, their investigator on the trolley. She joined us for the day.  We spent a great afternoon on the Island and climbed to the highest peek.  Our knees will never be the same.  We now have a much better idea of Japan's dense jungles and steep mountains.  This would not be a good place to have a ground war.  We have a better understanding of what both armies endured during WW II. 
Riding the ferry across the bay,  De Freitas and Eliason Choro, Tom, Bess, and Dorothy.
Miyajima Shrine at low tide.  At high tide, it has water around the base.  It is having some restoration done to it.
Asian Deer
Tom, Elaison and Freitas Choro and Dorothy on the tram.
View of the rugged terrain.
The Eternal Flame of Love.
The top of the mountain!! De Freitas and Eliason Choro, Dorothy, Bess and Tom..
Saturday we joined President and Sister Wilson of the Iwakuni Branch for breakfast at the Club.  We really enjoyed visiting with them.  We hope they will be able to connect with Tomo and help him to meet with the missionaries.   He is a very good young man.  
We stopped in Fukuoka to pick up Tom's new suits and arrived home just in time to go with Mueller and Takuzawa Shimai to eat dinner at a members home. We will go on a diet next week!  We had a great dinner and played a fun game.  Karin played her bassoon for us and Hanna played her electric guitar.  A very fun day.

Karin, Azusa Arika R., Kokoro front row.  Furikisa, Mueller Shimai, Tom, Bess, Hanna and Takuzawa Shimai..

Sunday was fast Sunday. Sopu's blessed their baby girl.   We enjoyed Church and a quiet night at home!

We are all human and make mistakes.  What we do after we make these mistakes show what kind of person we can become.  Do we repent and learn from the mistakes or do we justify, and repeat them?  The only one we can change is ourselves.  We hope we can all 
repent and learn from our mistakes and come closer to our Father in Heaven and his son Jesus Christ.

Grandma and Grandpa,
Mom and Dad,
Bess and Tom

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