Sunday, June 17, 2012

Let the Rainy Season begin again, June 11 - 17, 2012

Monday night we had Family Home Evening.  We played Spoons and then tied the spiritual message into the game.  How does that work? We have partners when we play Spoons and we have partners in life, our Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ, and Holy Ghost.  We can not do well in the game of life unless we have a good partnership.  This also applies to marriage.  We are better with help!  We had oatmeal double chocolate chip cake and ice cream for dessert.  We had two potential investigators and a new member.  One of the PI's became an investigator on Saturday.  
Clockwise: Mueller Shimai, Tom, Watanabe Choro, Furasawa Shimai and Sho.
Yasuhirokun, Sayaka and Hoffman Choro.
Workers doing warmup exercises before going to work.  We see a lot of companies doing this.  This was the first time we've seen a construction company warming up with stretches.  It makes sense to us.
 Tuesday we met with Maesawa Kyodai.  We enjoy visiting with him.  Wednesday Adela and her daughter Meiko came..  We hope to learn the scriptures and English together.  Eikaiwa was also very fun.  Tobias was in charge of the spiritual message and game.  He reinforced the message of working together.  Thursday we practiced English with Tashiro Choro.  He is getting so good at speaking English.  We love to be around him.  After a month without being able to go, Bess went to dance lessons.  She is feeling less like a duck!  Friday Bess spent 8 hours baking cookies for sports night on Saturday and Family Home Evening on Monday.  We will have all of the Kumamoto and Kagoshima Zones here Monday night. We had a movie night Friday night.  We watched "The Stone Cutter" and "Mountain of the Lord".  If you get a chance we recommend them.  They are very good and make one think more about being diligent in serving the Lord.  On Saturday we got to help the Sopu Family move in one of the heaviest rains we have seen.  We got wet, but most of their things stayed dry.  As soon as they got moved, the rain quit.  We also so taught Eikaiwa and enjoyed sports night.

Sports night!  Over thirty people came.  Wow!
Sunday was Fathers Day.  The missionaries made Tom a cookie likeness, with hair and how about that nose.  They also gave him a card!  Great Day! 

We had Oaks Kyodai and his replacement Eric over for Sunday dinner.  Taco rice, lemon jello and darn good dessert.  Oaks leaves Kumamoto for good tomorrow.  We will miss him!

This week has been very fun and satisfying.  We shared our testimonies with others and several times were given the opportunity to share different aspects of the Gospel.  Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ bring such a sweet spirit to us.

Grandma and Grandpa,
Mom and Dad,
Bess and Tom

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