Sunday, March 18, 2012

Transfer Week, 12 - 18 March 2012

We still dread/look forward to transfer weeks. This week we said "see you later" to three Choro from our first district. Nishio-Japan, Triffitt-Tasmania, Lyon-Utah.

Monday, we and Masuda Shimai took the Kumamoto Choro and Nagamine missionaries to Mount Aso. The wind was blowing the wrong direction so we weren't able to see the lava very well. It was a quiet day, few tourists. After eating a quick lunch and buying a few souvenirs, we traveled across the wheat growing country and over a mountain to a quarter mile long walking bridge. As we walked across the bridge we could see three beautiful waterfalls.

Masuda, Uchida, Tokuzawa Shimai and Bess overlooking Mt. Aso.

Tom, Bagley and Watanabe Choro, Mt Aso.

Quarter mile long walking bridge. Beautiful but scary walking for those of us that fear heights!

We loved the bridge design and the beauty surrounding it.

Masuda, Tokuzawa, Uchida, and Christensen Shimai and Bagley, Watanabe, and Christensen Choro on an outlook.

Looking out over wheat country with Mount Aso in the background.

We love seeing the Japanese sunsets.

At District meeting last Tuesday we learned about an elephant that was staked to a small peg. From the time it was a baby the elephant has been staked to a peg, so now that he is grown he doesn't know that he has the strength to break loose. He has given up trying as an adult elephant because he couldn't break the bond as a child. How much are we like the elephant? Through our faith in Christ we can each accomplish anything!! We can break the bonds that hold us regardless of what they are if we have enough faith!

Like this elephant and the stake? He could be free if he would but try.

Kanaida, Watanabe, Shino, Oba, Christensen, Bagley, Villalobos, Shimada Choro and Tokuzawa, Uchida, and Christensen Shimai. District transfer picture.

Wednesday we taught the missionaries how to make Watanabe-don for lunch. This is a secret recipe passed down to us by Kim Choro. Everyone loves it!

Bess, Uchida and Tokuzawa Shimai, and Bagley and Watanabe Choro.

Thursday we said good by to Villalobas Choro and hello to Beckstrand Choro. We took Bagley Choro back to Tsuboi and traveled to Fukuoka to eat supper, attend the Temple and say goodbye to the 10 homeward bound missionaries.

Oba and Kanaida Choro, an investigator, Villalobos Choro, and a member at bus station.

New companionship, B.Beckstrand and Watanabe Choro.

br: Lyon, Maeda, Nishio, Abe, Harvard and Ecchu Choro. fr: Hirano, Triffitt, Anderson and Hayase Choro.

Oh, the strength of just one missionary. Nishio and Nagafuchi Choro. Temple parking lot.

Brother and Sister Gunstafson, new mission President in July.

Friday night there was a two ward Relief Society Birthday party. We had lots of investigators there! It was fun and there was alot of good food.

Nagamine Relief Society Shimai singing.

Teaching the Ward Members to dance.

We hope you all have a great week!! Thanks again for the emails and letters.


Grandpa and Grandpa
Dad and Mom
Tom and Bess

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