Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall is Here!!!!!! Sept 19 - 25, 2011

Temperatures in the 70s during the day and 60s at night. What a welcome relief. One more very busy week. The Stake put on a Relief Society Program most of Monday with mini workshops, a program, and a display of hand crafted items.

Chinese dumplings at the Koidais. Gluten free!!

That night we went with Oobayashi and Masson Choro, Ito and Itu Shimai to Bishop Koidai's home to have dinner and receive instructions on what he wants us to do to help the Nagamini Ward. He said he needs our help teaching the ward members not to judge and to learn to be member missionaries.
3 Nephi 14:2
  • 2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged; and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

We are not sure how to do this, we are praying for guidance. Since we started praying to love others unconditionally we have enjoyed other people more and have found good in everyone. It has been fun to take goodies to lots of people and make friends.
At District meeting on Tuesday the lesson taught by Elder Yo was to not judge people. The Lord works in mysterious ways, but this is a knock on the head! Elder Yo taught us to not judge at first appearances, but to see everyone as a child of God.
Matthew 7:1 & 2
1 aJudge not, that ye be not bjudged.

2 For with what ajudgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what bmeasure ye mete, it shall be cmeasured to you again. We think this maybe be important!

The mean looking man in the middle is actually a friend of Yo Choro's. A good man!

Lunch time activity, De Freitas Choro making an animal of the handwipes.

Tom, Bess, DeFreitas and Masson Choro( like that face?)

Iino and Clements Choro, rabbit and duck

Ito Shimai's baby chick.

Iino, Clements Choro, Itu and Ito Shimai.

Oobayashi and Yo Choro, Tsutamori and Matsuhashi Shimai. Yo Choro dies Thursday and goes back to Korea.

Fontenet, Hill, Kwon and Abe Choro.

Wednesday and Thursday we got to travel the Kagaoshima Zone and judge the missionaries apartments as to their cleanliness? We try to be fair. This is the only time we will go to Kagoshima as the Sakamoto Fufu will check them until they go home. We trained the Sakamoto Fufu on what was expected and gave them the forms. They will do a great job and the missionaries are going to love them. The missionaries there are the best, but then we say that where ever we travel!

A little of Kagoshima scenery.

Edwards and Stirland Choro. Their Sendai apartment was Celestial and the ice cream was on sale!

Cleaning the air conditioner/heater vents. Good Choro!

C. Williams and Ushiro Choro of the Kagoshima apartment, Celestial, and they move into a new apartment next transfer.

Hattori and Yoha Shimai of Taniyama. Celestial! Inspection only took 15 minutes! Baskin and Robbins!!

Friday we helped with the Stake Service Project. It was along a river by the bay. We cleaned up the trash that had been multiplying for some time. It was hard work, but the members from ages one to 70 were there to clean up this place. The City employees were very excited. They said we accomplished half of what they need to do this fall. Everyone worked hard and enjoyed serving others.

Tom and Bess, tired, but it was fun to play in the plants and dirt.

Tobias Sopu and Tom shooting the breeze? Notice the bird?

Notice the dragon flies in the center of picture. Tons of them everywhere.

DeFreitas Choro, Bess and Tom relaxing waiting for the group picture.

Some of the Nagamini and Kumamoto Ward members.

Friday night we jointed with Tsuboi Choro for a lesson for Mayumi and then we attended a baptism for Miyose, a 20 year old man. What a great day! Then we bagged Sports Night and had a movie night on our computer. We watched the missionary DVD, The District, complete with intermissions every 5 to 6 minutes.

Masson Choro and Miyose.

We were able to attend the temple on Saturday and serve the dead. We love to attend the Temple. It is fun working the English section and helping the Japanese with their English.

Traffic in Fukuoka was horrible. Tom is a very patient driver, now.

Cruise ship docked in Fukuoka.

Sunday we attended Tsuboi Ward with Sister Kawabe. She is doing so good, but her children are not coming yet. The Sacrament meeting speaker was Elder Tashiiro. We were praying for the gift of interpretation of tongues when a lady came and sat behind us and translated for us. Prayers are answered. It was a good meeting and we met a new investigator, Aki, that looks and acts like a member. It was her first Sacrament Meeting and what a good one for the first. Bess got a bad headache and did not attend the Nagamime Ward, but Tom and the Choro were able to give her a blessing so she could be up to taking the missionaries to Mt. Aso on Monday. We will share picture of that next week!

President Spencer W. Kimball has explained the relationship of following the will of God and of performing the ordinance of administration for the sick: “We are assured by the Lord that the sick will be healed if the ordinance is performed, if there is sufficient faith, and if the ill one is ‘not appointed unto death.’ (See D&C 42:44–48.)

This is how pears come packaged. Just thought you would enjoy this!

Love you all!
Mom and Dad
Grandma and Grandpa
The Christensens, Bess and Tom

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