Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rain! June 13 - 19, 2011

Yes it rained all week! Need to see the sun. Missed a full moon also. Darn, but a ray of sunshine....within the next two weeks the Kumamoto and Tsuboi/Shimizu Districts will have four baptisms.

Monday we washed and ironed, studied, bought groceries, and provided a place for the missionaries to email their families.

Tuesday we traveled to district meeting and learned about helping investigators accept commitments and recognize the blessings that come from obeying the commandments. We went to lunch together and enjoyed a wonderful lunch.

Wednesday we studied most of the day and went to Eikaiwa. Christensen Shimai's class was especially fun. There were 5 students and we all enjoyed learning together. Yes, Sueyoshi San gave us a most delicious melon.

Thursday, we woke up to the longest thunder we've ever heard. We studied most of the day again (maybe we just hid from the rain). Two of the Nakagawa family came to English class that night. It was fun with just two and we laughed most of the hour.

Friday it did not rain all day! Did not see the sun, but the day was lighter. Christensen Choro woke up early, 5:30 to be at the church for a service project cleaning up the sidewalk in front of the church. 20 minutes and 6 bags of garbage later he was home. He was surprised at all the garbage. Christensen Shimai went to get a haircut at Shimoda Shimai's hair salon, she got a head and neck rub, received a totami place setting, a very good hair cut and they wouldn't let her pay a dime. Her hairdresser, Shimoda Kyodai showed up to church on Sunday, first time we've seen him there...probably just checking out how the haircut looked! He got a phone call and left in the middle of the meeting so we didn't get to talk to him. We studied most of the day, went for a long walk and attended sports night. Christensen Shimai played bad mitten. She was terrific.!! Ha!

Ito Shimai and young Maki trying to beat her. Yes, this is in the church foyer.

Masuda Shimai whopping Christensen Shimai. Yep, no was being used by someone just to the right of us.

Saturday we woke up to morethunder. We studied, went to the store and walked in the rain until the umbrellas started leaking inside. We ate with the other missionaries at the Aoki home. Aoki Kyodai (Brother) is the Stake Patriarch. The food was the best ever. Especially the raw salmon. Aoki's two youngest daughters were there, Miyuki and three week old son and Nozomi who just returned from the US, New Jersey, where she has been trained as a Massuesse (sp).
She says missionaries get free massages.

Miyuki and baby, Nozomi's feet.
Sunday, Fathers Day, got a card, an email, and a call. Great day! Got a call from the Shimizu Bishops wife. She has a American friend that wants to learn more of the Gospel. She will make an appointment with her and let us know. Looking forward to this opportunity.

Father's Day dinner, pumpkin, broiled salmon, parslied, buttered potatoes and tomatoes.

Our front door apartment label.

Fire escape just outside our front door. We like those spiral stairs and take them daily. All eight flights of them.

These are the other stairs. We try to take them daily also.

Umbrella drying rack just outside our door. Hospital in the background. Sirens all the time. We found a fan for white noise so that we could sleep.

Our entryway, shoes are left here. Toilet room, good thing we are not bigger than we are.

Drying wet shoes. This is the extra bedroom where we dry clothes in the rainy season.

This is the laundry room, shower room, and bathroom sink. More of our extra bedroom.

This is "Wally" our oven. He is going to be replaced this weekend when we get to Sasebo. This is potato starch, could you guess? It makes a delicious crust on deep fried chicken and fish. We took this picture and found some at the store.

The message that keeps coming to us is Charity and obeying the commandments. The first commandment is to Love the Lord Thy God With All Thy Heart, Might, Mind and Strength. If we can do this we will have charity and obey the other commandments. We are going to continue to improve on this commandment and if we do the rest will fall into place.

Grandpa and Grandma
Dad and Mom
Tom and Bess

PS Bishop, that community garden sounds great!!

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