Saturday, June 4, 2011

Catch up Week May 30 to June 5, 2011

We slowed down and caught up on reports and apartment cleaning this week. Monday we took Takayama Shimia to the Kumamoto Airport so she could fly to Tokyo and live with her sister. She was a good missionary and a joy to be around. Good luck and God Bless.
Airport soldiers

Harada and Takayama Shimai.

When we got home Christensen, Kim and Obayashi Choro spent the afternoon picking up Eikaiwa posts that were posted a couple of weeks ago. Put 95 km on the car doing this. Christensen Shimai learned to make rice balls and went shopping with the Shimia and Takahasai Shimai. She found new stores, new skirts and tops and had a great time.

Ito, Harada and Christensen Shimai and rice balls??

On Tuesday we finalized reports that were overdue and visited Tsutamori Shimia in the hospital. She is such a trooper. She had a stuffed animal her parents sent her. She called it her new companion.

Barraclough and Tsutamori Shimai and pink-striped new companion!

Traffic backed up at a green light.

Wednesday, we and the Choro and Shimia helped Ato Maui and his family move to a different apartment. It is a little bigger and it is close to the college where he is going to school. During the move the two year old son was playing with a broom and swung it at Kim Choro. The metal handle had sharp corners and opened Kim Choro's palm wide open. Christensen Shimia used her firstaid skills to put it back together and clean it up. She also cleaned the blood from the wall and walkway. Not sure what we would do with out her.

2 little Maui's, Obayashi Choro, Simone Maui, Harada, Ito, and Barraclough Shimai; front row
Christensen Choro, & Shimai and Kim Choro; back row

Thursday, we were going to call Kit Wareham and finalize the Oyama's travel to Utah, but the translation did not work and we were at different locations at the time we were to make the call. Christensen Choro talked to Kit and got caught up on Cedar City. Kit seemed excited to sponsor the Oyamas!

Friday we went to District Meeting and met the new missionaries from the transfer.

Shimada Choro--Omuta

Clements and Jeffrey Choro--Shimizu

Buckingham and de Freitas Choro--Tsuboi

We also went to Li Gang's work and visited with him. We had not seen him in a while. He is needing a different job. His employer doesn't pay him the amount promised and he hasn't been back to church since he started this job.
Sports night was fun. They divided the floor in half and played basketball and badminton. We played badminton and really enjoyed ourselves.
Harada Shimai and Kasada's granddaughter

Saturday we finally had enough of sleepless nights and bought a memory foam topper for our Nihon no beddo.

Sunday we traveled with Kim Choro to Omuta to attend church there. The Branch is a fun branch.

Graveyard, road and Shimada Choro in Omuta. This is really a road for cars and trucks.

In Omuta it was announced that a Japanese couple is arriving on the 18th to serve a mission. We also had a Japanese couple start their mission in Isahaya a month ago. We now have 7 couple missionaries in the mission plus President and Sister Margetts.
Couples are very badly needed.
That evening we went to dinner with the Takahasai family. The food was out of this world again! Raw Salmon in a rice salad with avacados. They are great friends!

Rei, Taizou, and Miharu Takahashi, Obayashi C, Christensen S, Kim C and Christensen C.
Kim Choro and Chris the Lab.

One of the things we are continually learning is that we need to have Charity for everyone. As President Erying quoted President Marion G. Romney this April Conference, "You cannot give yourself poor in this work." And then he quoted his mission president, Melvin J. Ballard, this way: "A person cannot give a crust to the Lord without receiving a loaf in return." Charity is a gift from God. In the Preach My Gospel manual page 118 there is very clear description of Charity and Love. This description may amaze you as it did us, it fortifies us and helps us. As we read and study this wonderful PMG manual along with our Scriptures we feel more peace and strength and know that this Gospel teaches nothing but truth. May each of you study and search for your own peace and the strength that the Lord is waiting to give you!

We love you all!!!

Grandma and Grandpa
Dad and Mom
Elder and Sister Christensen

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