Sunday, October 9, 2011

Beautiful Fall 3 -9 Oct 2011; 35 year anniversary week!

What a great Week!

We attended our first District meeting with the new missionaries. S. Okada Choro is our new District Leader and Abe Choro's companion. Stirland Choro came up from Kagoshima to be Fontanet Choro's new companion. These four Choro are in Omuta. We have the best Mission ever!
We had an earthquake this week of 4.4 magnitude. The epicenter was about 40 kilometers north and east of us, but still in the Kumamoto Prefecture. It woke us up about 1:37 am. It lasted quite a while and we swayed a bit more than we have before but all is well and we were able to go right back to sleep.
We were able to do some fall clean up and prepare for the winter this week. We are going to bubble wrap our windows and bought the bubble wrap to change the single pane windows to double pane, we will let you know if it works. We bought a hot carpet to go under the rug in the living room. It is electrically heated. Warm feet this winter! While cleaning the "Outer darkness room" and rearranging the furnishings in the bedroom and front closets we found some curtains which we took to the Maui family to use on their front sliding door. They just fit. This is how we spent our 35th wedding anniversary. It was a lot of fun to visit with Maui Shimai and the children.

Domesticated? Great help!

Playing four square at sports night.

Li Gang came to Church last Sunday and then to Sports night and spent all day Saturday at the Church with us listening to General Conference! The Saturday morning session reinforced exactly what we shared with him on Friday night as he asked questions. He has finally quit his job and is humble and asking questions. We love him so much and want him to be happy. The Lord truly answers our prayers as we humble ourselves and listen for answers. Li has taught us to be kinder and more Christlike. We learned so much listening to Conference and feeling the Spirit.

The Privilege of Prayer J. Devn Cornish; Tom's Favorite talk was on prayer. Learned we need to pray more and have more faith that the prayer will be answered. Bess had several favorite, Elder Dallin H Oaks talked about there being no middle ground, either you are on the Lord's side or you are of the world and on Satan's side really struck a chord. Can't wait to read the November issue of the Ensign.

Sunday after Conference we had a suprise birthday party for Tagawa Shimai. She thought we were coming up to the apartment for a meeting to plan our Eikaiwa Halloween party. She was quite surprised to see the Shimizu and Tsuboi Choro already up here. We had given them the key and had them come up early and bring the ice cream that had been stashed in the church freezer. We have such a tiny fridge there was no room in ours.

The surprise party. Tagawa and Blau Shimai, Hill, Oobayashi, Iino, Takaku and Ichikawa Choro, Ito Shimai and Clements Choro. (Ichikawa Choro has been a member just one year!)

Three happy Shimai.

Japanese orange. You can peel them without biting the skin. (Mandarin)

Rolls filled with sweet red beans. Yummy.

One pear peeled and cut up in a gallon size bag. They are really big.

We love you each one.
Grandpa and Grandma
Dad and Mom
Tom and Bess

We get to spend Monday the 10th of October at the Temple. It is a holiday and they open the Temple on Monday holidays.
PS We finally got the package Friday the 7th. Tom just kept saying Happy Anniversary!! Perfect timing.

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  1. What a treat to take a peek at your blog and see our son, Elder Clements, having a great time. I'm so glad someone is making him rice krispie treats! - Geri Clements