Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 4th Week 4-10 Jul 2011

We had thunder storms for the fireworks this year! Monday was a catch up day and try to get ready for Eikaiwa (USA Day) on Wednesday. The Shimais made crafts and put together the final plans for USA day.

OK, so they played fun games too.

We had our last District Meeting before transfers on Tuesday. We all ate together and took pictures. We will not see some of the missionaries again after this transfer except at Honbu the night before they go home. Others we will still be able to spend more time with!

Front row: Harada, Tsutamori, and Sakamoto Shimai, Baba and Kim Choro, Barraclough and Ito Shimai. Back row: Christensen Choro and Shimai, Sakamoto, Jeffery, De Frietas, Buckingham, Oobayashi and Shimada Choro. Tall one in back is Clements Choro.

My old standby at Small Door, Big House. Kim Choro, Sakamotos and De Frietas Choro.

Christensen Choro outside Big House, Little Door..Sakamoto Shimai stand on door jam of Big House, Little Door. The door is still smaller than her!! Who made this door anyway?

Tsutamori and Sakamoto Shimai next to Jeffery Choro with Clements Choro in background.

It was raining on Wednesday and the traffic was very bad. We left our apartment at 8 am for our appointment to teach two Shimais at 9 am, but it took, after several Christensen short cuts, until 9:15 am to pick up Tobias Sofu and reach the Tsuboi/Shimizu Church. One hour fifteen minutes to go 6 KM! The Shimai were later than we were in getting to the church. Tobias helped us teach and he did a great job. Did we bother to mention he is a former Seminary teacher? We are so lucky to have him here!
We finished the preparations for USA Eikaiwa Night and had a wonderful night. Started with singing the Star Spangled Banner along with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. We then had a Patriotic word game. The students then learned to line dance to the tune of Cotton Eyed Joe. They were pretty good. We then played another Patriotic word game and finished the games with Musical Chairs. We finished the night off with Root Beer Floats and Apple Pie Cheese Cake! What a smash!

Kim Choro as we were preparing to sing the Star Spangled Banner. Thank Heavens for a Military pass to Sasebo Naval Base.

Line dancing. Musical Chairs.

Christensen Shimai with Kokoro Nakagawa, her non-member friend, Hanna and mom, Nakagawa Shimai. Yes, these are the ones we teach each Thursday evening.

Thursday started early helping to transport Missionaries at 8 am. and finishing at 5 pm. This included a trip to Yatsushiro and several trips to the bus stations.

Christensen Shimai and Choro sending Harada Shimai to Taniyama in the Kogoshima Zone.
Oobayashi and Kim Choro also saying goodbye, she will be missed!!

Saying Hello to Barraclough Shimai's new companion Yamada Shimai. Uno and Tsutamori Shimai whom we took to Yatsushiro.

Tsutamori and Uno Shimai and Christensen Choro who is having a hard time with Tsutamori Shimai moving so far away. She is definitely a keeper!

Friday was going to be a catch up day, but it turned out as a day of service to the missionaries. We took DeFreitas and his broken bike to a bike shop across town. They have to send for parts from the USA so it will take a while to fix the bike. He will pay to have an extra bike shipped from Honbu to use until his is fixed.

De Freitas, Oobayashi and Christensen Choro watching the bike repairman.

A Thank You from De Freitas Choro.

We took Ito Shimai's sister Ito Shimai (we call her Itu) to the Sports Depot to purchase her new bike. By the time it was assembled with all the extras, it took several hours. We loaded the new bike in the trunk and took her home and hurried to Tsuboi to bring the 4 Choro to Sports Night. No bike. They had an investigator there so that was a good move.
Sports Night has really changed this last transfer. It was getting rough and now is family oriented with new games each week. This week it was Foursquare.

Foursquare Shimizu Choro's investigator.

Young Okamoto and Hanna Nakagawa. Yamada Shimai playing with members.

We had our Transfer Eikaiwa meeting on Saturday to plan the activities for this transfer. We are going to try to advertise more and think that we may have two baptisms from Eikaiwa students this Transfer!
We are starting to work out the schedule for our next round of apartment inspections. This week we will inspect Nagamini Shimai, Tsuboi/Shimizu Choro and Kumamoto Choro on Thursday.
Sunday, Atu received the Aaronic Priesthood! He had a friend named Ron that is visiting for 10 days who attended Church with him. Ron is from Australia and was once helped out of a bad jam by Atu's Grandfather. When Atu and Ron met at University and Ron found out who Atu's grandfather was, he told Atu to go to University and send him the bill. They are good friends and very lucky to have each other.
We went to the Tsuboi Ward Sunday morning to attend the English Sunday School Class with the two Shimais we are teaching. We got back to the Nagamini Ward just in time to say Hi to Aruma Kurakawa who was visiting! He has a job and is doing very well.
We know the Gospel is true. We know it changes people's lives for the better as they live the Gospel teachings fully. Just nibbling at the Banquet table is not acceptable to our Savior. As we watch lives change we are in awe of the beautiful countenance that comes upon each person and we are so sad as we watch the darkness in those that aren't living the Gospel. Please everyone, please know that we love you and are praying for you. Our Father in Heaven and Savior love each of us and are waiting to bless us as we obey Their commandments.
This Mission is so great!! Thank you for your prayers, letters and emails.


Elder and Sister Christensen
Grandpa and Grandma
Dad and Mom
Tom and Bess

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